The sole purpose of Girl Geek Coffees (GGC) is to pursue charitable purposes of advancing the interests of minority females in Information Technology and related Science, Engineering & Mathematics fields, particularly at the development stages of student and early career. 



 "Treat others how you want to be treated."


Our vision is to make a major contribution to society through leading by example, to encourage advocacy and best industry practice.


Our mission is to empower females with interpersonal and community support, building self esteem, career identity, teamwork, and leadership development. Members will be provided with professional growth through role models, networking, coaching, mentoring, skill acquisition, and career planning. They will have the capacity to use knowledge and connections gained to make meaningful life-long contributions to their community.

Girl Geek Coffees (GGC) is a Charitable Institution registered with the ACNC, ASIC and the ATO within Australia. Girl Geek Coffees is a trading name of Girl Geek Coffees Pty Ltd. ACN: 161 767 844, ABN: 20 161 767 844.