So what does *mula* $$ have to do with providing support for females in ICT at student and early career level?

Well, I am glad you asked! It is important that strong leadership be provided to enable a cohesive response to the need for providing meaningful support for females in ICT. There are costs involved with activities for the greater good, even if it is in the form of time spent contributing to other peoples lives, instead of paid work. With a savvy entrepreneurial eye, numerous things can be provided for free, but not all. For instance structured programs, mentoring, and scholarships could benefit from the provision of solid backing. These are but some of the examples.

And, just to prove the point that you need an *awesomeness* video to get funding . . . .
.... check out this super cool clip for Clang.
 .... or, perhaps on the other side of the fence Tropes Vs Women in Video Games
  .... maybe the simple approach of Roominate ... in a similar style of On Real Beauty

Funding Ideas:

Crowd sourcing ...
Australian Organisational Funds ...

International Funding ...

Start Up Incubators ... (AU)

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