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Male Ambassadors

Things can be viewed from a variety of perspectives ...
       --- which may or may not be gender related.

Its about self-awareness... dialog and actions. That means males and females supporting each other, in a healthy manner.

So, I am a guy... and I think females in ICT are cool! What can I do to be supportive?

Well, you can definitely join the GGC groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+! Please do provide supportive posts - it seeds a strong message that the guys have the gals backs! On the social groups such as Facebook, it is useful to introduce yourself and the context in which you support the members of the GGC, for example persons you know. Why? Because we need to keep these places "safe" for females to "hang out" online. Errr ... you have no idea the types of males that prey on female oriented groups on FB <shakes head>. The GGC is principally about the provision of meaningful support and allowing females to be themselves. Knock yourself out in joining professional or public pages (e.g. LinkedIn), which is a great way to show your support for females in ICT to your peers and raise awareness.

Ok... but, it would be nice to know other supportive males like myself. How can I find them?

Well, how about joining the FB group GGC Male Ambassadors

Please feel free to post ideas you might have about how to support females in ICT from your perspective. Are there articles or initiatives which would be useful for other supportive males to know about? Who do you know that you can add to the group? Talk to your colleagues about it!