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Industry Ambassadors

Females and supportive Males can be GGC Industry Ambassadors.

Please join the GGC Industry Ambassadors group.

*** The GGC is expressly tech, company and education neutral. ***

We aim to provide reasonable provisions of support for our members through the collective actions of our Ambassadors, inclusive of students, early career, industry and academia. Thus all persons associated with the GGC need to be conscientious in this regard.

GGC Industry Ambassadors are recognised as leaders in diversity for females in ICT with a view to setting an industry standard. As a company they are committed to supporting females in ICT with a mid to long term view. They actively engage with the community of Girl Geek Coffees (GGC), such as providing support in a variety of contexts, role models and mentoring. A GGC Supporter is affiliated with the GGC and expresses support for its ethos with actions, but hasn't been designated as a GGC Ambassador. A company needs to be an Industry Ambassador to host GGC events on their premises. 

A formal application process is required for a company to become a GGC Industry Ambassador. It is a prestigious, highly coveted and trusted position. This includes an interview, connection with the GGC members through a meet up, and also the submission of a formal written application of which the GGC Ambassador Team overview. The written application is a memorandum of understanding at a corporate level, where the company moves as a whole with a mid to long term view. It expresses how the company foresees their contribution to Girl Geek Coffees, and what their present contribution is to the community at large, with particular reference to females in ICT. Importantly, the company also needs to cover how they look after females in ICT within their own company, actively making positive steps and reviewing them. 

Benefits of being a GGC Industry Ambassador include:
  • Public affiliation with an initiative for young technical women.
  • The opportunity to send a positive recruitment message on your current and future needs. 
  • Visible recognition within the community for your company's commitment to diversity and accessibility.
  • A method to showcase your commitment to the leadership development and success of women in your company.
  • The opportunity to send women as role models to interact with a dynamic group of top technical women.
  • Raising your companies profile through participation in the events. 
Industry Ambassador FAQ

Current GGC Industry Ambassadors:

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