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Girl Geek Coffees

Girl Geek Coffees (GGC) is a meet and greet open discussion group, for females and supportive males in STEM with an emphasis on Information Technology. Chapters of the GGC can be found at central locations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other locations around the World. Female and male Student and Associate Ambassadors proudly run local chapters of GGC. Proactive support is generously provided by Academic and Industry Ambassadors.

The greatest emphasis is on forming 'connection' and 'interpersonal support' amongst females in a relaxed and comfortable environmentWe aim to foster relationships, networking and mentoring over a relaxed cup of coffee or similar beverage. The group may engage in forum discussions, industry insights, and faculty advice. The GGC observes a structure which is technology, company and education neutral. This enables women and supportive males from all different walks of life and experience levels to chat casually and 'be themselves'. 

THANK YOU to all persons involved  ... 

who consistently donate their time, energy and resources! 

I want to Speak to someone ...
Please message the Facebook  page, and leave your name and email address. Ambassadors check this daily.

I want to Register with GGC ...
You may wish to indicate your interest in becoming an Ambassador. Information is kept private. 

I want to join a Chapter, and know about Events ...

Where: GGC Meet Up is held on campus, or at a central location.

When: A number of times per year for 1-2 hours. Super groups meet every 1-2 months, with meet ups on campus between these sessions.

Who: Women in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Multimedia, Computer Games and related disciplines (e.g. EngineeringMathematics and Science). Supportive males can attend if they are accompanied by a female.

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Girl Geek Coffees (GGC) is a Charitable Institution registered with the ACNC, ASIC and the ATO within Australia. Girl Geek Coffees is a trading name of Girl Geek Coffees Pty Ltd. ACN: 161 767 844, ABN: 20 161 767 844.