Girl:The Series
Girl:Classified (Completed but yet unpublished)
After a death-defying scene at her top secret government spy agency, the main character, 26 year old, Rachel Garner, stunningly quits her job, causing a flurry of reaction across the government.  Scared of working in the spy environment, Rachel leaves that world behind, thinking that starting her own business will be a much safer occupation.  She starts a company called “Take Away” where she sells people’s household goods via virtual estate sales on eBay and Craig’s List.  She has only four months to make a profit on Take Away until she is forced to abandon the idea and return to the steady paycheck.  On top of that, her new business surprisingly turns out to be just as dangerous as her old job in the spy world, if not more so.  Between boy dilemmas, two crazy roommates that she’s known since college, and some very intriguing clients, Rachel must find ways to make a profit in her new company and come to terms with her own fears. 

Girl:Treasure Seeker (1/2 completed)
With an impending lawsuit from Mr. Van Aerdan’s kin and a new romance as major distractions, Rachel maneuvers the exciting world of treasure-seeking as an employee of Sotheby’s Auction house.  Meanwhile, she learns the secret behind the Van Aerdan’s thirty-year family feud and a long lost relative.

Still working for Sotheby’s and balancing a now-famous career post, Rachel organizes her own wedding at Dracula’s Castle in Romania.  However, she’s in for more than just wedding planning, as the florist is murdered in the castle’s dungeon.  Will Rachel be able to pull off the wedding of a lifetime or will the murderer pull off something even bigger?