Fiction Author:  Ryfie Schafer


Welcome to the development site for my writing.  I am currently seeking an agent and publisher.  Please feel free to email if you would be interested in working with me. 
I have written a variety of unpublished works of fiction including:     

1. Girl: Classifed, a chic-lit novel over 100,000 words.  It is the first book in the Girl Series.

2.  Elected, the first in a series of young adult novels about a seventeen year old girl forced to masquerade as a boy so she can lead her environmentally ravaged country in the year 2185. The novel is 90,000 words.

3.  Girl: Treasureseeker, the second novel in the Girl Series. (1/2 completed)

4. "Garden Ball", a children's book co-authored by her grandmother, Lea, and her mother, Barbara.

5.  "Home", a 4,000 word short story about a man who is reunited with his adopted son after anger forced them apart.

6.  "Sweet Dreams", a short psychological horror story about a teenager who has special powers of the mind.

7.  "Cross Point", a short horror story about historical St. Mary's County in Maryland.

8.  "The Girl with Blonde Curls", a scary story to tell around the campfire.

Fans, Friends, and Family, Girl:Classified and Elected need your help! Please sign the Guestbook if you would like to see these novels published and available in your local bookstore!