T&A4eva's Bio

(a.k.a. Ashley!!!) 

Tony and I got married Nov. 10, 2007.  We had been together for two years and two days! We are currently in the process of purchasing our first home together (we lease right now), and I can't wait to start making memories in our new home.  Our daughter Abbey is 5 years old and we'd like to start TTC for #2 as soon as we can.  We love spending time as a family, watching movies, playing Guitar Hero (we're dorks!), and on the freak chance that we get a child free evening to ourselves, we love to go out for dancing and drinks!  That's about all there is to tell, email me if there is anything else you would like to know (girl183745@gmail.com). 

The Wedding

"You may kiss the bride...."


WE DID IT!!!!! (Don't know why this one is so grainy.)

You didn't think I'd keep the whole serious bride thing going on forever, did you?

One of my favorites.

Abbey and I.

BIL's toast.  Good stuff. (WHY ARE THESE SO GRAINY!!!!!)

BIL always wanted to be a Chippendale's dancer.

Oh dear....

Our Honeymoon

                                                         Tony and I on our honeymoon in Ft. Myers, FL.


First night we were there!


Tony being a goof ball at the Disney Boardwalk.


Now who's the goofball? 




Playing in the sand. 


We did THAT a lot!


Our Home

(Pics of Exterior, DD's room, and "Entertainment Room" coming soon!!!)

 Living Room


Front door and the "Cuddle chair".  Just inherited this from some friends of my Dads and we LOVE it!! 


Front side of living room. 


Our new leather couch.  Don't you love my dumpster diving dresser? HA! Talk about Shabby Chic!



This looks better with the doors closed, but I was being lazy last night. 


This piece was left here by the last renters.  The far end has five drawers in it, great for storage.  Thinking about painting it for the new house.  Any suggestions? 


The bronze horse statue on top was a wedding gift from my grandparents.  It has our names and wedding date and then reads "Two trails become one road."  LOVE it!


Dining nook.  Nothing special. 



Small but functional kitchen. Leads to the laundry area and back door.


Yup...it's a counter.  I finally got my under the cabinet CD player from Kohls on clearence after Christmas. 


 Other side of the sink. I think the coffee pot was Tony's favorite wedding gift!


Between the stove and refridgerator. 


I guess it's time to put the bunny away, huh? 


I really like my lights over the window. 


 Laundry area and back door. (To the left)


My mother made all these samplers for me. 


Master Bedroom


The lighting is funky in this pic.  Hard to get a good angle in here! 


That's better.  Antique cheneille (sp?) bedspread that was my grandmothers.  Just switched it up from the comforter on the foot of the bed.  We pulled that back out though because we've had snow on the ground until just a couple of days ago!  Burr...




 Old dresser that DH had when we got together.  Would like to paint or refinish it for the new house.


Dresser that matches the bed and nightstand.  This was our first big purchase once we moved in together. Furniture from Value City.  My "window treatment" is a piece of old Italian lace that my mother gave me at my bridal shower.  It came with a note with the date on it (when it was made) and where it came from.  She thought it would be special since DH is Italian.  It was! 


 Candle screen DH bought me as a suprise when we purchased the bedroom set. We didn't have a better place to put in when we moved to this house, so that's where it's stayed. The rocking chair will go in the "future nursery" in the new house. 

(THE ONLY) Bathroom


Like I said...it's a rental.  Can't really do much as far as renovations are concerned.



The washcloth basket.

I can't stand the gold handles, but it works for now.

Cabinet I keep all my "girle" stuff in.  Note all the reading material on the shelf. You can thank DH for that!

Behind the door.  My train case is sitting on the hamper.

Our family

Tony, Abbey and I this past Christmas Eve.

Abbey demonstrating how to do a "bird's nest" on Christmas morning.

Abbey and Lola.  That dog deserves a medal!

Abbey's first snowman this year.  Sliced red pepper makes a great mouth!


Lola.  THE best dog in the entire world!!!! (6 year old Black lab.  Duh.)

Patsy (a.k.a. Crack Head).  The WORST dog in the entire world!!!!! (1 year old Shepard Mix)

Look what Patsy did last week.  So much for my brand new throw pillow! (This is what happens when you let DD put the puppy in her crate.  It doesn't get latched!!!)

Lola snoozing in the car on the way back from Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Wow...Patsy DOES sleep!  Contrary to popular belief. Like how she's using Lola for a pillow?