About Girikujan

 “Girikujan is one of the leading voluntary organizations, working in the field of trekking & mountaineering in Pune. Twenty years ago, a few young mountaineering lovers in Kirloskar Cummins Ltd.(Now Cummins India Ltd.) came  together and started activities in trekking in 1988. With a view to have certain discipline they thought that an organization must be established with the aim of introducing young people to adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering etc this decision was taken at fort of “Visapur”.

Since 1989 we have been regularly organizing various treks in Sahyadri throughout the year. First High Altitude Trekking Programme (HATP) in the Himalaya was organized in 1990 in which officers and workers from KCL (Age group 18 to 50). And since then every year it is followed.

Various Himalayan expeditions named Rudugaira, Khatling, Black-Peak, Deo Tibba, were also made successful by the enthusiastic members of “Girikujan”. We also carry out activities like tree plantation and blood donation drives. We have conducted Cleaning of water-reservoirs on various forts like Kapur Take on Torana.

The main aim of “Girikujan” is to teach the young boys and girls to come closer to nature. The purpose is not only to go away from polluted areas and breathe fresh air. but to develop leadership qualities and provide opportunities to get acquainted with a variety of regions and people.


In the last  20 years, “Girikujan” has done a great deal for the young boys in Pune, Since the activities are interesting, there is tremendous response from all over Pune, including people from other cities. The number of participants has been increasing every year.  “Girikujan” now has it’s own office at shastrinagar, Kothrud, Pune.
With a view to develop interest among the children, we also conduct a training program (camp) for children of age 10 to 15 years. This camp is held at Tamhini every year during April, when the children are free from their academic examinations. Here the children are trained in rock-climbing, rappelling, river-crossing and  general awareness in jungle trekking
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