Welcome to New Students

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to IISc. A dictum is that all those in IISc are the elite and, therefore, brilliant. Naturally, you are here because of your excellent achievements in your undergraduate education. 

If you are planning to join IISc, please read THESE DETAILS, which may be of some use to you.

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), called as Tata Institute by the locals or just as the Institute by the IISc fraternity, is an unique place. You will find the environment stimulating and the atmosphere charged with research.  You can find faculty working at 1 am or 6 am in our department and students working all throughout the night. The Institute, thus, is very different from any other place you have been. The Institute allows everyone to grow in research and I hope you will also learn a lot about the campus, faculty and the way we work in the next few days. 

First, you should learn about the CAMPUS. You will find that we are a huge residential colony and have all facilities within the campus obviating a need to leave the campus for anything ! I call it the island of research.

After settling down in your hostel, you should register for the courses and attend the orientation program. Whether you are a research student or a M.E student, you will have to choose a research advisor (the official term used in IISc is research supervisor, while in the US, it is called research advisor; I prefer the latter because I only advise students, my students are so good that they do not need supervision). You may find the following WRITEUP and links in the survival guide for research scholars useful for you. It will be useful even if you plan to do a doctorate abroad. 

To excel in IISc, you need to be sincere, disciplined and hard-working. Every person around you is as intelligent as you are (unlike your undergraduate school, where you might have stood out). If you put it in a sincere effort, you should be successful here. Be aware that faculty is here to help you in your courses and research. You should always be patient and choosy. The former will help you savor the success, when it eventually comes. Being choosy is important, because there are several distractions and opportunities for you to participate other than research/courses. Spending time in these activities is essential but not at the cost of research.  Remember, that you are working at the best institute in India for research and such opportunities may not present itself again.

As our Institute crosses the centenary year and India celebrates its 66th year of Independence, it is appropriate to remember that the growth of IISc and India is intricately twined and the growth of the country has always been reflected in the growth of our Institute. Thus, in a significant way, whenever you contribute to IISc in research, remember you are contributing to your motherland. This should urge you to do your work with great enthusiasm.

You are free to contact any of one of us (faculty, students or staff) in case you need any help settling down in IISc. During the course of the next few days, I hope you will take to IISc like the fish take to water. 

Once again, my heartfelt wishes and a warm welcome to the very best place for research in India, the INSTITUTE.