Welcome to  Girevoy Sport Australia Association (GSAA)  , established in 2007!

                          Fortitudine Vincimus ("By Endurance we Conquer")

# We are a self-funded & not-for-profit egalitarian organisation legally incorporated in the state of New South Wales since 2009.

# GSAA is formally affiliated with the IUKL (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting  based in Latvia & also works with IKSFA to popularise and promote competitive kettlebell lifting.

# Our purpose is to establish and nurture a framework of support for the development of the sport at regional , state and national levels as per Australian National Sports Authority Guidelines We also promote kettlebell lifting for fun & fitness.

# We are happy to provide information to athletes from other sports.

# New members , including non-competitive members , are always welcome.
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Girevoy (kettlebell) sport is a unique cyclical power endurance sport . It combines some technical elements of Olympic weightllifting with aerobic qualities seen in whole body endurance sports such as rowing and cross country skiing.
Athletes generally compete in 10 minute events , however relay races , marathons (up to 12 hours), strength challenges and power juggling are additional facets to competitive lifting.

Until recently confined to Russian and Eastern Europe,  the sport is now becoming popular in the West. Kettlebell sport was accepted into the activities celebrated at the TAFISA World Games in 2012

Some of our athletes have self-funded trips to compete at international level and more are encouraged for future events in 2013

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Daniel Hutchinson & Jadranka Marinovic , coefficient (best lifter) awards , 
GSAA Open Championship of Australia 2013

Sergey Rudnev , Sergey Rachinskiy
Guest lifters , GSAA National Championship 2012

"Conducting studies on athletes, doctors came to the conclusion that, concerning their adaptation to stress, cardiovascular and respiratory data, etc. kettlebell-lifting is in line with boating, biking, professional skating, triathlon, but all of these sports require a large economic cost. Girevoy sport - quite the contrary. By purchasing a kettlebell once you can use it for life (until you lose it). 2 square meters is enough room to perform any exercise with kettlebells, and the load level is in line with aforementioned sports. What also may be noted is the fact that medical tests on the volume of lungs of kettlebell professionals often exceeds the capacity of the lungs of swimmers and cyclists. From that we can conclude: lowest economic cost, maximum efficiency. This too could fill a whole book, just look at the statistics of injuries and immediately it becomes clear that kettlebell sport, regarding the level of injury is au parie with sports such as chess. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to find a non-injured heavy athlete. Here you have another good reason why people around the world are beginning to actively engage in kettlebell sport."

- ex world champion Sergey Raschinskiy 2011