Girdled Lizards in Captivity

A guide to the identification of Armadillo Lizards and their relatives.


Tropical Girdled Lizard      

(Cordylus tropidosternum

Limpopo Girdled Lizard      

(Cordylus jonesii)

Ukinga Girdled Lizard         

(Cordylus ukingensis)

Masai Girdled Lizard           

(Cordylus beraduccii)

Flame-bellied Girdled Lizards   (Cordylus mossambicus)         

(Cordylus regius)

Rhodesian Girdled Lizards          

(C. rhodesianus complex)

Armadillo Lizard              
(Cordylus cataphractus)

Sungazer (Cordylus giganteus)

Van Dam's Girdled Lizard  

(Cordylus vandami)

Warren's Girdled Lizard    

(Cordylus warreni complex)

Transvaal Crag Lizard       

(Cordylus transvaalensis)

Drakensberg Crag Lizard  

(Cordylus melanotus subvirdis)


These pages are currently under construction.  The links work and there is also a key to identifying girdled lizard species available in the US.  I will be adding pictures and pages over time.

Kenneth Bader