I've played a lot of board games during all my studies, and i decided to begin creating new concepts applied to this king of games.


Tour De France

I was a big an of the "Tour De France", and i planned to imagine a funny board game about cyclism. I wanted to illustrate the strategy & realism of this sport, designing the game around accessibility and fun. Beginners can play a quick race in 1 hour, and cyclism experts can play a all "Tour de France" (21 stages).

The concept

Each player has a team of 3 cyclists, and a serie of tactics cards. Cyclists move by groups, and players can use their tactics cards to help them. 

The race is composed of different areas like plains or moutains, and each cyclist has a specialty, making him better in specific areas.

Event cards can change the course of the race at any moment.

Players can win on 3 differents leaderboards : General, Sprint or Moutain.

Original aspects

  • Players can create their own race layouts, granting unlimited opportunities and replayability. Do you prefer a hard moutain stage or a long plain race ?
  • To be more realistic, 2 of 3 cyclists of a team have a speciality. One is better in Plain areas, the other in Moutain areas. Help the one who plays in the leaderboard you want to win.
  • Cyclists move by groups, and cyclists in first position will determine the progression of the group. You want to move fast ? Try to be in first.
  • It's always better to be in groups than alone. Groups have a speed bonus. But some players can decide to not help the group for strategic reasons...
  • Each player has 7 tactics cards for the entire race. You'd prefer using them at the right time...
  • Players can establish alliances by playing identical cards at the same time, to create "combos".

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