My research interests are:

- Applied Mathematics and Calculus of Variations
- Variational analysis of atomistic and continuous physical models
- Analysis of problems with multiple scales
- Homogenization and Gamma-convergence
- Time-discrete variational schemes (minimizing movements)
- Geometric minimizing movements
- Vanishing-viscosity limits of gradient flow systems / Bifurcation
- Quasi static limits, vanishing viscosity approximations
- Fracture Mechanics
- Finite difference approximations
- Nematic elastomers, Nonlinear elasticity
- Variational inequalities and Set-valued Analysis
- Random homogenization and Percolation

Calculus of Variations and PDEs: My research activity basically covers:
- evolution of physical systems driven by interfacial type energies in presence of dissipation, by coupling the minimizing movements scheme for geometric evolutions due to Almgren, Taylor and Wang and a discrete-to-continuum analysis via Gamma-convergence. This new approach has been recently introduced by Braides, Gelli and Novaga to study the motion of discrete interfaces of nearest neighbors interacting ferromagnetic systems;
- chirality transitions in frustrated ferromagnetic spin chains and possible links with the Theory of Liquid Crystals;
- homogenization of discrete energies associated to random spin systems via Gamma-convergence and Percolation results;
- vanishing-viscosity limits of gradient flow systems, delayed bifurcation, multiscale analysis, Balanced Viscosity solutions, vanishing inertia and viscosity limits, variational approach via time-discrete minimization schemes (minimizing movements);
- finite difference approximation of functionals in Fracture Mechanics, point clouds, quantitative analysis;
- relaxation of elastic energies related to nematic elastomers, non-standard growth.

Variational and Set-Valued Analysis: My research activity basically covers:
- existence and regularity results for a class of stochastic weighted variational inequalities in non-pivot Hilbert spaces with application to the random traffic equilibrium problem;


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[11] G. Scilla, Variational motion of discrete interfaces (PhD Thesis, 2014). (PDF)

Submitted preprints 

[12] G. Scilla, Motion of discrete interfaces on the triangular lattice. Submitted paper 2018 (PDF)

[13] V. Crismale, G. Scilla and F. Solombrino, A derivation of Griffith functionals from discrete finite-difference models, Submitted paper (2019). (PDF)

Works in progress / Projects

[14] A. Braides, G. Scilla and A. Tribuzio, Nucleation and backward motion of anisotropic discrete interfaces. In progress.

[15] M. Caroccia, M. Ruf, G. Scilla and F. Solombrino, Discrete approximations on point clouds of functionals in Fracture Mechanics, In progress.