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Journal publications

  1. Debt Sustainability, Public Investment and Natural Resources in Developing Countries: the DIGNAR Model (with Shu-Chun S. Yang and Luis-Felipe Zanna), 2016, Economic Modelling, 52, 630-649. [Article] [IMF WP version]

    Applications of the DIGNAR model at the IMF:
    Republic of Mozambique, Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation [download]
    Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation [download]
    Republic of Kazakhstan, IMF Country Report 13/291 [download]
    Republic of Congo, IMF Country Report 14/273 [download]
    MyanmarStaff Report for the 2014 Article IV Consultation [download]
    Côte d’IvoireGuineaLiberia, and Sierra Leone, IMF Working Paper 15/25 [download]
    Box 1.2, Chapter 1, World Economic Outlook, April 2016 [download]

  2. Determinants of Sovereign Bond Yield Spreads in the EMU. An Optimal Currency Area Perspective (with Mauro Costantini and Matteo Fragetta), 2014, European Economic Review70, 337–349. [Article] [WP version]

  3. A Fiscal Stimulus and Jobless Recovery (with Cristiano Cantore and Paul Levine), 2014, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics116(3), 669-701. [Article] [Online appendix] [IMF WP version]

  4. Fiscal Policy and Lending Relationships (with Stefania Villa), 2014, Economic Inquiry52(2), 696-712. [Article] [Online appendix] [IMF WP version]

  5. Identification of Monetary Policy in SVAR Models: A Data-Oriented Perspective (with Matteo Fragetta), 2013, Empirical Economics45(2), 831-844. [Article] [WP version]

  6. A Fiscal Stimulus with Deep Habits and Optimal Monetary Policy (with Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine and Bo Yang), 2012, Economics Letters, 117(1), 348-353. [Article] [WP version]

  7. An Empirical Investigation of US Fiscal Expenditures and Macroeconomic Outcomes (with Yunus Aksoy), 2012, Economics Letters, 114(1), 64-68. [Article] [WP version]

  8. The Effects of Fiscal Shocks in SVAR models: a Graphical Modelling Approach (with Matteo Fragetta), 2011, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 58(4), 537-566. [Article] [WP version]

  9. US Fiscal Indicators, Inflation and Output (with Yunus Aksoy), 2011, The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 22(3), 221-236. [Article] [WP version]

Working papers

  1. Fiscal Buffers, Private Debt and Stagnation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (with Nicoletta Batini and Stefania Villa), 2016, IMF Working Papers, 16/104, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. [download].

  2. Non-Renewable Resources, Fiscal Rules and Human Capital (with Paul Levine and Harun Onder), 2016, Policy Research Working Paper, 7695, Washington, DC: World Bank Group. [download]

  3. Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Debt Crisis and Management (with Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine and Joe Pearlman), 2015, School of Economics Discussion Papers, 05/15, School of Economics, University of Surrey (previously circulated as "Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Rules in Normal and Abnormal Times"). [download] 

  4. Monetary Policy and the Relative Price of Durable Goods (with Alessandro Cantelmo), 2015, CESifo Working Paper, CESifo Group Munich. [download]

  5. Leaning Against Windy Bank Lending (with Stefania Villa), 2015, CESifo Working Paper 5317, CESifo Group Munich. [download]

  6. Deep versus superficial habit: It's all in the persistence (with Cristiano Cantore and Paul Levine), 2014, School of Economics Discussion Papers, 0714, School of Economics, University of Surrey (previously circulated as "On Habit and Utility-Enhancing Government Consumption"). [download]

  7. Successful Austerity in the United States, Europe and Japan (with Nicoletta Batini and Giovanni Callegari), 2012, IMF Working Papers, 12/190, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. [download]

    Media coverage:
    BBC 4 Radio, Today, Interview with Nicoletta Batini on the main findings of the paper, 24 August 2012 [download mp3]
    Economics Intelligence, 23 August [download pdf]
    The Daily Telegraph, 24 August 2012 [download pdf]
    Die Zeit, 24 August 2012 [download pdf]
    L'Unita', 24 August 2012 [download pdf]
    La Stampa, 25 August 2012 [download pdf
    Il Fatto Quotidiano, 29 August 2012 [download pdf]
    La Repubblica, 1 March 2013 [go to article]
    The Washington Post, 18 April 2013 [go to article]


Book Chapters

  1. Natural Resource Wealth and Public Investment Strategy: Implications for Growth and Debt (with Yi Xiong), in Ross, D. (Editor), 2014, Mozambique Rising: Building a New Tomorrow, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. [IMF WP version]

    Media coverage:
    Deutsche Welle, 14 January 2014, article and telephone interview (dubbed in Portuguese) [go to article]

    Video of conference presentation: CSAE Conference 2014, Oxford University, 23 March 2014 [go to video]
  2. Public Debt Targeting. An application to the Caribbean (with Alejandro Guerson), in Gaston, G. (Editor), 2014, Managing Economic Volatility in Latin America, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. [IMF WP version]

Policy Papers

  1. Macroeconomic Developments and Outlook in Low-Income Developing Countries: the Role of External Factors (with Futoshi Narita, Andrea Presbitero and Felipe Zanna), Box 1.2, Chapter 1, World Economic Outlook, April 2016, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. [download]

  2. Natural Gas, Public Investment and Debt Sustainability (with Yi Xiong), Appendix IV, Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation with the Republic of Mozambique, IMF Country Report No. 13/200, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. [download]