A collection of links that I found interesting and/or useful and I'd like to get again in my spare time, or, more seriously, a resource of references for my works.





  • LavaRnd :: LavaRnd is a random number generator that turns real world physical chaotic events into cryptographically suitable form.

English support

  • Merriam-Webster online :: One of the most popular American dictionary. Fully fledged with a thesaurus and a speech-engine. Really enjoyable.

Internet resources



  • Albert Einstein's Archives :: An online archive of all the documents produced by 1st1 (i.e. EINstEIN). You can also admire some of the original manuscripts.

Programming Languages


  • :: the Object Oriented Programming Web.
  • :: a huge collection of snippets written in C, C++, Java and much more languages.

C and C++

  • IOCCC :: the International Obfuscated C Code Context.
  • ACCU :: Association of C and C++ Users.

Libraries and Toolkits

  • ITK :: ITK is an open-source software toolkit for performing registration and segmentation. It supports the HVP.
  • C++ Boost :: Free portable C++ source libraries.


  • 99 bottles of beer :: A "Queneau's Exercises de style" programming cammeo: the same stupid program written hundreds of times in hundreds of programming languages.



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