...Meet the Mental Vegetables!

 Please allow me to introduce the Mental Vegetables

...sure they've got some issues, but they still like you...

  • leeky

      no one really knows what's wrong with leeky.  which is odd, because he just will NOT stop talking.

  •  care-not carrot

        the thing about carrot is that he just does not care. at all. especially about what leeky's saying.

  •  no one likes broccoli

       actually, i like broccoli. quite a bit. but so many people don't, and he's pretty cranky about it.

  • melancholyflower 

        poor flower, she's always sad. she won't tell us what's wrong. hmm, maybe she likes broccoli too...

  •  redlight radish

            radish isn't really raunchy. she's just got it going on. we all love her.

  • spud muffin

            spud muffin, on the other hand... well, he just may be a bit of a bounder.

  • pea-brained sisters

               those silly sisters! they're so much alike, but they just keep fussing. they're the babies of this family!

  •  saucy tomato

               saucy's gonna tell you what she thinks. and she just might spice it up a bit. you can handle it.

  •  oh!no!onion!

                   oh! no! onion couldn't handle it!  he doesn't handle much of anything, really.

  • dumpty eggplant

          eggplant's just not sure. he thinks he remembers falling from a wall, but aren't there horses in that story?
  •  beet it

     i bet you think that beet wants you to leave. but he just wants you to go buy a shirt with his face on it.

  • too-cool cucumber

            i'm totally thrilled you made it this far, but cucumber, he's got an image to keep up. it's cool.

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