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    I've been making movies since I was 15. I first started out making movies at the Bill Cosby Summer Production Workshop in 2002. My first short fictional film made at the Workshop was The Fantastic 4, which was about 4 of my different personalities (A nerd, a cool guy, a retard, and normal me). But the film was lost. The first movie I shot with my very first camera was The Hit, with my cousins and little sister in 2002.

    Now, I was finally accepted into the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  I' m 19, about to be a  Junior, and working at the USC Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts. I'm a monitor and I help students edit their short films using Avid, the industrial standard film editing system. Final Cut who? 

    My Movies are now up on Google Video and YouTube. Enjoy.



(Film class for production students) 


2. Neighborhood Academic Initiative Documentary

3. Teddy Bear Lovin'




Shot in June with a buch of little sophmores in highschool, it's a story about a guy trying to get his girl back from a gangster that has a mind controlling device. Spent two weeks in post trying to put every single frame of fireblasts coming out of the guns. Sheesh.



Shot in December 2005, but finished in February, this was the first short film that I used professional actors, industrial lights, and an expensive camera. Also, first movie I shot in college, by college, at a local dorm.  



Shot in June 2005, I've had the idea for about a year before, and I came up with it while watching the Discovery Channel show about sex changes and transgendered people. I thought, whoa, it's kinda freaky that you can't tell if it's a guy or a girl anymore. So I decided to make a short film about a guy who figures out there is more to the surface of a certain girl that he meets. 

THE SHIM 2: The Shimming-Miss

The Shim 2. Alas, even though it made people chuckle, it wasn't critically acclaimed as the first one. My most recent miss. 


Shot over 2 days in July.  First time I use African-Americans in my movie, and not just one, but TWO. lol. Anyway, also the first time I have a "supporting role." The guy that was supposed to have played the part told me he was going to be there, solol waited for HOURS and he never came. So I just said, "forget it, lets go shoot," because I really don't like being in my movies unless I really have to. I want to be behind the camera at all times. 

Story is about 2 inner city friends, and one convinces the other to break into a house, but things go wrong.   

untitled melodrama - Dud

We shot it in August. I shot 1/3 of it. It had alot of dialogue, and okay actors, but we only shot for 2 days. Then when we organized for another day of shooting, one of the main actors couldn't do it for weeks, and we were about to start school, and I realised how much the material sucked, so I just gave up, and forgot about it. 

It was about this couple with a baby  that were going through hard financial  times, and the husband finds out that the wife has been cheating on him with his best friend. He wanted to get even. 

URBAN ASSASSIN: The Purge - Miss
It was shot in December 2004, but I didnt finish editing until May 2005 with this crappy editing system. I'll probably redit when I have time. It was about this hitman called The Purgdidnto was ordered to torture this guy to find out info on the real target. I shot reditorture scene and everything. Anyway, hitman a miss. No one really liked it. Tear.  
Untitled Cast Away Rip off -Dud
I wanted to shoot a movie where I would get stuck in my garage. What would happen? How would I survive? What would I eat? Anyway, I shot some foDudIe, but then I realised how retarded the idea was, so I just gave up.  
Shot in 3 days in November, it's the story about a young girl who goes through painful scenarios, and decides to end it all by taking her life. She blows her brains out infront of the class. It was awsome until I realised the guy who splashes the blood on the board had his big head in view. Alas, perfection is but an illusion. 
Shot in November also, it's a story about a man who doesn't take his aggression supression pills, and accidently kills his little sister. But his friend comes over, and the situation gets worse. Twists and turns galore! I used my little sister in the movie. She was awsome.

A SLUG'S TALE - Hit, kinda...
A tale about a slug family who are attacked by a 4 ft little girl, AHHHHH! Mayhem ensues. Shot in June. 
Split-Personality Nerd - Dud 
I was going to act like 3 different people: the nerd, good personality, and bad personality. I shot 1/3 of it, with the other actors, a girl and a bully. But I had changed the setting to LP mode, which meant instead of only 60 minutes of recording time, in LP mode its 90 minutes. However, that mode actually stretches the film, in a digital way, and the camera I had wasn't really good, so the footage I shot came out pixelated and ruined. And the worst part was that the Screen Showing was in a couple of days. 
The Fantastic 4 - lost  
Since my split-personality movie was ruined, I thought of a way to only use myself as the only necessary actor. So I decided to rip off the movie Multiplicity and become 4 different people on screen at the same time. So I shot the whole thing in 3 days, playing the cool guy, the retard, the nerd, and the normal me. But editing was a bitch because the camera ruined the sound, so I had to re-record all of my lines, and I had to even reshoot some extra scenes on my birthday. Anyway, the worst part of it is: I gave my master copy to the workshop to make a VHS out of it, but they lost it. 
I got my first video camera for Christmas in 2002. My cousins came over to visit, and we were left to our own devices, so we decided to shoot a movie. My cousin, who was to play the hitman, looked too young; so I told him to wear the mask, because he was tall enough to pass as an adult. But we didn't have a real looking gun, so we just used an ice cream truck fake gun, with an orange-colored tip. Shot in a couple of hours, it's my shortest movie. Everyone liked it, especially at the end when...well, just go watch it. 

 More Pictures Coming Soon!