"Her message never attacks, but is assertive in another way. These works are really both human and artistic paths, nothing is taken for granted"

"Her creations are completely different one from another and undoubtedly new, each one expresses emotions that trough the eyes come to our soul"
"Wisely used titles always leave us a place delight one's eyes and for some imagination's pauses. -I show all the height of life, of loss and further human nature- The artist  seems to convey to us this message through her paintings"

"This art does not voice any pain, but only authentic originality, dedication and a lot of courage. Someone surely might compare this style to others, but it won' t be the same..."

Dott. Tiziana Ton

Born in Treviso in 1981, she shows interest and a natural propensity towards various art forms from one's earliest childhood. Her artistic training begins with the study of pencil on paper drawing and learning of ceramic and clay working's techniques.
Constant need to improve brings herself to new experiences's approach, such as photography, painting on canvas and plaster working; finally, thanks to Master Ricardo Fecci, she approached to goldsmith's art knowledge.
Gioia Villanova's pictorial language does not depend at all on standardized lines or patterns, on the contrary it reflects her need to an unceasing renovation: soon she notices that she can not any more openly express various facets of her artistic outlook trough figurative arts.
Several travels, in very different places as customs and culture, motivated her to look a careful and continuous testing, which led her to express herself through abstractionism.
Experienced techniques are watercolour, tempera, acrylic, oils on canvas, application and working of noble or poor metals, application of precious stones, Swarovski crystal, Venetian glass dust.
In her record she also boasts joint works with national and international artists, not necessarily painters, with which she has discovered many affinities in her way to mean and practise art.
Nowadays the Italian painter lives in Treviso, where she settled also her studio.