Who We Are!

In 1994 a single family of 5, working out of their home office in Sydney, decided to start up an organisation, that remains today, like no other. This organisation, the Mandaean Research Centre, continues to be the home of quality substantial Mandaic study and research. In 1998 after 4 years of dedicated work we were successful in producing both the first set of computerised fonts (completed in 1996) and then set about to publishing the first complete Mandaic book in the printed form and hence ushering in the electronic and computer age for the Mandaic language.

The Ginza Rba site will focus exclusively on the Ginza Rba - the main book of the Mandaeans. Our sister site yardna.org presents a variety of information, publications, documents and opinions dealing with all the other aspects concerning the Mandaeans. Because of its importance, it was decided that the separation of sites was necessary to dedicate the appropriate space and time for this important document.

We are a Mandaean site that promotes Mandaean Gnosis and have no affiliation with the myriad of organisations and sites under the fictitious guise of Sabian-Mandaean (and what ever that means!)

What To Expect!

This site will provide information, where every it may be from, concerning the Mandaic book the Ginza Rba, often called the Sidra Rba or Sidra Adam (The Book of Adam), this of course reflects the [unsubstantiated] belief that Adam, the so called  first Mandaean, had prepared and written this voluminous book. This site will explore and present alternative views to much of these questionable issues and question much of the traditional and unlikely thinking that has stifled Mandaean society for centuries.

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