Delta Gamma



Specific User GIN Login

Username: myDG username
Password: myDG password

Passwords (change or Forgot):
Cannot be changed through GIN. They must go to delta and click the forgot password link
-If they are not able to access things they need to log into their myDG account by going to

How to get into their my DG account:

Multiple log ins

1)Collegiate- advisors associated with the chapter or initiated
2)Alumnae - associate with chapter or zip code
3)LC access- collegiate only
Advanced CMS Website
Yes both collegiate and alumnae
If you need to get into the backend of a Advanced (Ritesh) CMS you will need to type their website url in and then put /admin or go to Manage External Website on MY MENU inside the GIN
UN- deltagamma230


Greek Bill (collegiate)
Member Planet (Alumnae group)

Contact Info


Master List

What they call consultants

CDC's- Collegiate Development Consultants

What they call the head of their organization

Executive Offices



Template 1: 360 x 224
Template 2: 535 x 358
Template 3: 369 x 274



HQ contact name


New Members?



- Chapter officers submit chapter calendar in eops+ (not in GIN system)
- The information feeds over to the GIN System
- Chapter members log on and view calendar- cannot add anything in the GIN calendar- all through eops+
- Everything is added and approved by DG through eops+- ALWAYS
Note: Once events are added into eops+ they do not immediately show up in GIN calendar, first get approved by DG Executive Office and then will show up on calendar inside GIN System within 24 hours of approval
Note: They cannot set up reminder emails or text messages to go out for any event
ATC Access

Member Planet question

- has 5 member planet videos
- In order to create payment request for an event, you have two options. You can create a Quick Pay request or you can create a Basic Payment Form.
- With a Quick Pay request, your members can log into the GIN system to pay a requested amount. Under advanced options, you have the option of giving members the ability to decline a payment that is requested. I have included a video below to assist you in creating a Quick Pay Request.

I would personally suggest a Basic Payment or Registration Form. With a Basic Payment Form, you have the ability to create a form and have a customized URL that you can send out to your group members or post to a website. With this option, you have more flexibility and can gather more information from the recipients. You also have the option to customize the form with things such as banners and can give out more information and details regarding your event. I have included a video below to assist you in creating a Basic Payment or Registration Form.
Hopefully, this information will help you in deciding which option is best for you, your group and your event.
If you have any further questions feel free to contact us by sending an email to

DG Email Templates

Database down
It appears that your National Organization's database is down. Because the GINsystem and Delta Gamma's database are integrated, our systems will not work properly if the Delta Gamma database is not up and running. If you login from the drop down on, you will be able to utilize all of the basic GINsystem functions. New users and users who have recently changed their myDG username and password will not be able to access these basic features. 
If you have any questions about Delta Gamma's database issues, you can contact them directly at 614-481-8169 or you for your patience and have a great day!