Welcome to my personal website. I am a Senior Economist in the Macro Financial Analysis Division of the Bank of England, where I
have been working since 2011. My research interests are in the areas of international finance, empirical asset pricing, asset management, and applied econometrics. Here you can find links to my research papers.

Bank of England
Threadneedle Street
London EC2R 8AH
Tel.: +44 207 604 3025



  • PhD in Finance, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, 2011
  • MSc in Economics and Finance, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy, Honours, 2007.
  • Laurea Specialistica (MA) in Economics, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy, Summa Cum Laude, 2006.
  • Laurea Triennale (BSc) in Economics and Complex Systems, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy, 2004.


Working Papers

  • "Safe Haven Currencies: a Portfolio Perspective," Bank of England Staff Working Paper No. 533 (peer reviewed).
  • "On the Evolution of the Exchange Rate Response to Interest Rate Shocks".
  • "Unconventional Monetary Policy and the Behaviour of International Mutual Funds," with Ilaf Scheikh Elard. 
Work in Progress

  • "Limits to Arbitrage in the Foreign Exchange Market: Evidence from FX Trade Repository Data," with Pasquale Della Corte and Tianyu Wang. Recipient of the INQUIRE Europe grant. Accepted for presentation at: FX Workshop 2016, BIS Symposium 2017, Frontiers of Finance 2017, York Asset Pricing Workshop 2017, EFA 2017.
  • "Follow the Money: Nowcasting and Forecasting Capital Flows in Real Time," with Eric Ghysels and Andrea Serafino.
  • "Counterparty Risk and (De)Centralised Clearing," with Angelo Ranaldo and Michalis Vasios.

Conference Organisation

Past Positions

  • Autumn 2011:  PhD Internship, Bank of England, Macro Financial Analysis Division, London.
  • Summer 2010: Summer Associate, Goldman Sachs, Global Markets Research (FX team), London.
  • 20102011: Visiting Student and Teaching Assistant, Cass Business School, London.
  • Summer 2007: Summer Intern, GRETA (Theoretic and Applied Economic Research Group), Venice, Italy.