Foundations of Ayurveda
past date

34 Elm St
above Tulsi Tea Room

Course Outline

    * Sanskrit and why to study the vedas,
        James Duke
    * Origins of Ayurveda
    * Jivatma... the embodied soul, it’s qualities
    * Manas Gunas, the three mind qualities
    * Prana in three forms, soma, agni, marut
    * Panchmahbhutas; 5 elements
    * Three doshas
    * Seven Dhatus, tissue systems
    * Channels, macro and micro
    * Six Tastes, the energetics of food

I am often struck with the relevance of why to study the Vedas;   a body of literature which began as an oral tradition.  The original sutras may be 8,000 yrs old coming from a time period vastly different from our own.  Yet because the knowledge was revealed to rishis who had done much meditation and austerities to purify themselves, it has the ability to transcend knowledge coming from the intellect alone.

In an effort to honor that tradition and knowledge, I would like to offer a two day course where we can look deeper into the knowledge of the vedas and Ayurveda.  It is my hope that individuals will gain a greater understanding of how to use this system; for benefit to themselves and others.

Call or email if you wish a more indepth understanding  of Ayurveda and can attend this weekend.

Ginna Bourisseau  802-793-2326