BIRDIEBREAD™ Cones and Muffins   




Charley (Pied), , Cha-Cha (Lutino) and Ladybird (Normal Grey) today

Shrek, my 20 yr old Quaker and, below, Fiona, my 20 yr old Maroon Bellied Conure

Some of The Focus Group



A a result of the Hurricane Charley in 2004, I became the foster Mom to four refugees from Port Charlotte.  These poor, skinny apprehensive little birds had been exposed to the elements for two days, drinking contaminated water, no food and dodging predators.  Lynda Lewis from FWCAS ( Florida West Coast Avian Society) of Sarasota  helped with the rescue along with P.A.R.R.O.T.S. Rescue of Ft. Myers. 


Lynda quarantined and tended to the needs of  20+ cockatiels and 5 lovebirds in her A/C garage. Donations of cages, toys and food poured in from all over! Then, Lynda lost her electric in the next hurricane.  I picked up Charley, Cha-cha, Ruby and Ladybird as well as Buttercup and Caruso, who eventually were rehomed with a friend.


All the tiels were underweight but eating and drinking normally.  Charley was a particularly skinny fellow. 

I tried supplementing their seed/pellet mix with a seed mash, no luck.  I tried fruity oatmeal, no luck.  I tried various shapes and sizes of pasta and beans; forgetaboutit….  Finally, I baked muffins with seed mash, organic veggies, cornmeal, orange juice, eggs, etc. and everybody loved it!  The base recipe for Birdiebread™ was born!


Today, my tiels are no longer skinny.  Charley loves hot peppers so I devised Hot Pepper Birdiebread™ for him.  I have been using Lynda Lewis’ flock of conures, cockatoos, quakers, Pionus,  and finches as a focus group in addition to my tiels                                                                                                          

and, in 2007, I adopted Shrek, a Quaker and Fiona, a Maroon bellied Conure, who had been dropped off at the pound after 20 yrs. in the same home.


The  top three choices are Beanie Birdiebread™, Veggie Birdiebread™, and Hot Pepper Birdiebread™.  Lynda’s Umbrella cockatoo, Tyler, especially likes to pick the beans out of the Beanie Birdiebread™ and eat them later. He also likes to pick the crumbs off the muffin paper.  Lynda also serves the cones frozen to Tyler and the conures so they last longer.  I use a clip to balance the cone on a perch on the side of the cage for the tiels. Ladybird prefers hers skewered on a wooden chopstick.


 In 2007,a new  flavors was introduced:  Tropical Fruitty and P'Banutty. In 2009, Tweet Tater and Spicy Pumpkin were hits, too! Everybirdy loves them! 


In 2008, BIRDIEBREAD Cones in Crates went retail at Bird Paradise, a 20,000 sq ft bird emporium in Burlington, NJ, which was voted the #1 Bird Store in the US by the readers of BIRDTALK!     

In 2009, The Platinum Parrot in Barnagat, NJ also came onboard,carrying a limited selection at the holidays.  

In the fall of 2010, Animals By Nature in Sarasota, FL stocked a limited supply. Unfortunately, that store closed because of the owners illness.

 In 2012, Parrot Outreach Society in Punta Gorda, FL came onboard with special orders.

 Since 2013,  there are online customers in 50 states and 4 foreign countries! We publish an e-newsletter with a domestic and international circulation. If you would like to subscribe, please send me an email. (We respect your privacy) 

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Isn't it amazing what adopting four little cockatiels can lead to??