ones and Muffins

Homemade and Avian Approved for the Fids*        (feathered kids) of Indulgent Parronts!  

Gini's BIRDIEBREAD™ Cones and Muffins are made of all Human grade,  natural, non-GMO and Organic ingredients, many locally grown. They are a ready to eat food treat and toy for your parrot or exotic pet bird from finches to Cockatoos!  They can be refrigerated for up to 1 week after receipt  and frozen for about 2 months.   Your birdie bread order is baked and shipped within two days of cleared payment. 

Baked with ALL ingredients from the USA and many locally grown.

For questions email:  or call 941 961-7982


    Sanctuaries,Rescues and Avian Societies

Gini's BIRDIEBREAD™ Cones and Muffins sponsors and donates to various avian organizations and rescues such as The Alex Foundation, Big Cat Habitat and Sanctuary,Birds of Paradise Sanctuary and Rescue,  Parrot Outreach Society, The Gabriel Foundation, Florida Parrot Rescue, Florida West Coast Avian Society , Charlotte County Companion Bird Club, Raleigh Durham Bird Society, Venice Wildlife Center, Save Our Seabirds, Sarasota In Defense of Animals Farm Sanctuary, Second Hand Parrots,  Best Friends Rescue and Sanctuary and others as needed. Click on the link to see some happy   rescue and sanctuary birds and animals!


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Gini's BIRDIEBREAD™ is available on EBAY in the Pet Treat catagory!