Wolf Images

The Children of the Night
Look deep inside the eyes of the wolf:
You will see the stars and the heavens,
the hunt and the kill,
the beginning and the end,
the past and the future,
the captive and the wild,
your soul and your fate
-author unknown

Brother Wolf and Me

Silohetted against the sky
I see a wolf and hear him cry.
He bays at the moon hanging hight in the night,
A perfect circle of brilliant light.
His long and low and mournful song
Helps ease his lonliness along.
He cries not for him, but his brothers slain,
Their bodies dying in the rain.
He turns his yellow eyes to mine
And peads, "Turn back the hands of time."
And I, his sister, stand helplessly there,
My eyes locked in Brother Wolf's stare.
He comes off his hill and over to me
And with a flash of silver, we cease to be.
-author unknown