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Fireflies: Sharing God's light in a time of loss

Book of the Year Award 


Christian Small Publisher Association

When someone close to a child dies, a child may be confused with answers we often give to explain death. For instance we say 'gone to heaven,' but where is heaven? Fireflies gently explains death in a simple way a child can understand. It gives hope and love for the future of the one who dies to be reunited, through the belief of Christ. 

In the back of the book there is a memory page for their loved one and also a page 'How to Lead a Child to Christ' if questions arise after reading the book. 

Every adult and child will enjoy finding the peace and love shared in this book that is based on a true story. 

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He Goes Before Us: Stories from the Front Lines

God is not surprised by any storms in our lives. In fact, we often see Him most during these difficult times. As a rapid response chaplain for the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, Ginger Sanders has seen Him firsthand. She shares her experiences and those of other chaplains in He Goes Before Us, a collection of thirty-one stories from the front lines of both natural and man-made disasters.

Trained and often sent out on a moment’s notice when catastrophe strikes, the chaplains give physical, emotional, and spiritual care to those who need it most. From the floods of Iowa to the scene of the horrific theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Ginger and her fellow chaplains continually see God at work. Lives are changed and souls are saved through His amazing hand.

Each story in this collection is unique. Chaplains pray with a group of teenagers after the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, save a man on the verge of suicide, and help a Japanese woman turn to Christ. In every situation, the chaplains see the dramatic presence of God even before they arrive, proving that only God can orchestrate these situations.

Filled with love and hope, He Goes Before Us is an uplifting and moving testament to the power of the Gospel.

Books can be purchased at any bookstore (or they can order them) or by ordering from your favorite online bookstore.

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Round Eyes:An Adopted Child's View of Love

by Ginger Sanders This is based on the true story of Jamie, an adopted son, first realizing he is slightly different from his parents. It helps children and parents to understand that what is on the outside is just how people look; what is on the inside is what really counts. There is joy when families can laugh together, knowing the love for each other is what makes a difference. We know we have a God who is answering prayers around the world and delights in bringing happiness and hope to families.

Books can be purchased at any bookstore (or they can order them) or by ordering from your favorite online bookstore.  

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