Ginger Edwards
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I write speculative fiction about dragons, aliens, monsters, murderers, vampires, devils, washers, dryers, exercise machines, rouge computers and garbage disposals. My stories are about the what if, the good, the bad, the hopeful and the funny. You can read more about them here. These are my novels: The Darkness Comes, Fyregon, & Foo Wizard.

For me, writing and art are much alike. The difference is writing is cleaner, takes less space and isn't as heavy as bronze sculpture. However, there comes a point in sculpting when it is finished, whereas a written piece needs more work every time it's read. 

Books have always been part of my life and my favorite book in grade school was the Little Mermaid. Years later, I was as thrilled when I heard they were making the Little Mermaid as I was disappointed when I saw the previews. I loved Disney’s Fantasia.

At fourteen I purchased Dracula and my first Pearl Buck novel. Growing up I discovered Omar Khayyam's The Rubaiyat because of my father, a treasure to this day. Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling touched me and reminds me of my father. Speaking of my father, I remember him singing Abdul Abulbul Amir by Percy French to me. As a teenager,  I read Evolution by Langdon Smith with a romantic heart

AHA's newsletters, 'Artistically Speaking', two tooth fairy stories and a few poems were the most I'd ever written. While teaching computer classes I made my own illustrated lessons with help of the computer and  Spellchecker. 

My daughter has finished her third novel, and my husband who has written several novels, were already writing. I read the chapters of their novels with pride, and of course, suggestions. Thanks to them, I'm writing today. We, and other writer friends, critique each other's manuscripts. Many thanks to my fellow critiquers for the help given me and the opportunity to read their work. My family and friends also inspire and encourage me. I'm one lucky woman.

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