About Speculative Fiction
by Ginger Edwards

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Speculative fiction is unlimited possibilities with infinite imagination. It is more than SF, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, myth or fairy tale. It deals with dreams, nightmares, wishes, desires, other dimensions, goodness, evil and the unthinkable as well as the unthought-of. It is tomorrow, yesterday and today with a twist, a beam of light poking holes into the vast unknown revealing a glimpse at what might be. It is a map to the heart's darkest depths and the soul's highest realms.

Speculative fiction is where anything can and will happen. It bursts the boundaries of reality, splintering traditions and fixed ideas. It can be light-hearted, promising, inspiring, strange, weird, dark or disturbing. Whatever it is, it is a survival test of sorts, to venture into the unknown and beyond. In the end, you, dear reader, must form your own conclusions.

As you participate with perhaps a shiver shared, a memory returned, a hope found, a fear forgotten, a tug at your heart, an unusual perspective or a different dimension, you may learn who you are deep down where no one can see. So, do not protest too much as we weave in and out of the web of speculation. Look closely at the characters. You may be gazing through the mirror at me... or is that you?

Note: This is from my Short Stories page.