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The Glorious Power of Words 

I treasure these kind words given so generously.
They have helped me through those times when I doubted myself,
set me on the right path, given me strength to continue
and the desire to grow into the person they believe me to be.

When I read your book, the words made paintings inside my head. It was more beautiful than anything I've ever read before. Though the dragons talked to others, their proverbs spoke to me. I love you with all my heart. (After reading Dragon Dialogues, this boy wrote me the above and I love him with all my heart.)

I can't express my gratitude enough! you're the best Ginger!

... you are a very special, talented, many faceted lady.

Oh, Ginger........your website is wonderful.....and I love the stories....you never stop amazing me....you really are a treasure. You are some woman, Ginger! Artist, writer, philosopher, the list goes on and on! Keep up the good work.
I'm sure you already knew this, but you're amazing! Thank you so much!
I just adore you........my parents were so lucky to encounter you and your wonderful husband. I'm not sure your religious background but for myself I feel God (or whatever supreme power you may believe in) brings certain people into your lives when you need them most and hopefully you realize them, sometimes they may stay with you forever but have you ever noticed the people that travel in and out of our lives that bring certain riches and then they are never to be seen again but they have left an imprint on your heart or on your conscience thinking??!

You really are a wealth of information.......thank you.

Thank you my friend! It is so nice to have friends that are intelligent, smart and great with computers. Thank you! Thank you! my friend. Have an awesome day.
Ginger, I am so proud of you. And I can say you are my friend. I tell everyone I know what a good writer you are. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Ginger, you are very inspiring. Your strong ideals and thoughts make me want to dig in and do more meaningful works.
You have been very kind and helpful and if I were a better writer the sincerity and depth of my appreciation would be far better stated. I was about to loose all hope and I now feel it beginning to seep back into me. It is as though I have walked away from a plane crash and for some reason I'm miraculously alive. Recent events in my life have traumatized me.

Your friendship is very important to me. You should know that you are making a positive difference in peoples lives. I'm one of them! Brightest blessings.

Hi Ginger, You are too much. You just find, speak and believe in people when they do not believe in themselves, even when they do, you have the God given talent of knowing what to say at just the right time to make things right. Your family should be very grateful for you. I am. Thanks for being the wonderful friend and person you are to others and myself.

I appreciate your caring and your wisdom. Experience is a harsh teacher and it is generous of you to share your knowledge with me. Believe me, I am listening to every word. Gratefully

… this is really neat!

Great website, and dark, as it should be!
Hey, that is pretty cool!
I know I will never be able to tell you enough, how much I appreciate you always picking me up and being for me. You are a true friend. A caring person and I am blessed to have you as such a close friend.
Very interesting things you have on your site. It is amazing all that you have. So enjoyable. Can spend hours looking. Wonderful. Thanks.
Golly, that whole website is beautiful, much deserving of another award for the designer. You are some woman, Ginger! Artist, writer, philosopher, the list goes on and on!
Keep up the good work.

Your talent is amazing.
Everyone should take a lesson from you and have such a wonderful outlook on life, it is such a precious thing!!

Keep up that writing. You do so well at it. I love your stories.
…your writing tips are what inspire me to keep me going.

Your talent is amazing.

You are so sweet. I'm going to adopt you as my Ma just to keep me straight LOL
Thanks, I adore you. I'm thinking of you, Ginger. You are a positive contributor to my life.

I loved your story and the picture Phil made for you is awesome.

I have never in my live met such talented friends and so glad you are a part of my life.

You are leaving such a legacy for others to follow.

Your imagination and your thoroughness truly impresses me. You really are an artist of great talent and you have inspired me once again.

Thank you for your faith and encouragement.

Your heart is big and your love is great…I love the fact that you're doing these web pages for everyone. You're one of the goods ones!

You are right and always have the right words no matter what it is.
That is why you are so special
Love ya girl,

I don't know what I'd do without your emails because they mean so much to me and, and you mean a lot to me too.
Love and Howls,

This made me cry.... you are a true gift...

You're help has been so great. I look forward to your reviews of my work because you have inspired me to work harder.

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