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Ginger Edwards Home
If home is where the heart is then here is family and pets, sculpture/art, writing and the wonderful people met along life’s the way.

Ginger Edwards
Read excerpts from The Darkness Comes, a speculative, adventure novel about dragons, wizards, power, good and evil. There is an article about speculative fiction.

Short Speculative Stories by Ginger Edwards that leads the reader into unknown realms. To be published soon.

Skulls 4 You
One-of-a-kind ceramic skulls from the catacombs, the forsaken, the rogues, and the fabled skulls. There are decorated skulls, mini skulls, carved skulls and personalized skulls.

Computer Tips 4 Writers
This tutorial for writers can make writing easier and faster allowing the writer more time to create with less frustration. Included are tips and quotes.

Sources 4 Writers
Great internet resources for writers covering agents, editors, publishers, calendars, dictionaries, encyclopedias, grammar & punctuation, history, legal help, maps, money, translators, articles on writing and more.

The Darkness Comes
The DARKNESS COMES is a speculative fictional novel of good and evil by Ginger Edwards, with dragons and wizards bonded by the Dragon’s Mark. This is the first book in the Dragon’s Mark series. Links.

A speculative novel by Ginger Edwards about the last dragon’s war. Fyregon is the second book in the Dragon’s Mark series of dragons and wizards, winning, not losing. Links.

Foo Wizard
Foo Wizard is a modern day speculative fiction novel by Ginger Edwards about the last dragon, his WWll P-38 Lightning pilot wizard, and a granddaughter. Photos of the P-38 and links to “Glacier Girl”.

Dragon’s Mark novels
About the Dragon’s Mark series by author Ginger Edwards of fantasy, adventure, dragons and wizards, good, and evil. The first novel is The Darkness Comes, the next is Fyregon, and the third book is Foo Wizard.

Ginger Edwards site
About the work of Ginger Edwards, author of speculative/fantasy books and stories, images of sculptor of clay and bronze, original ceramic skulls and jewelry, links.

Ginger Edwards writer
What is Speculative Fiction by Ginger Edwards with links to spec/fic websites with advice, and how to write spec fic.

Speculative Fiction
All about specfic and its unlimited possibilities and infinite imagination which includes sifi, fantasy, horror and much more.

4E and Me
When I met Forrest J Ackerman, ‘Forry’, in 1983 is a tribute to the man with links about his life and death.

Dragon Dialogues
Do dragons talk? Lots of great dragon images on this site.

Writer’s Jokes
Here there are jokes about writers, writing, books, editors, publishers and links to web sites on writing jokes.

Ginger Edwards, author MySpace
A MySpace full of stuff.

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger MySpace
Writing and art, family, favorite quotes, plays, music and movies.

Skulls Space
A skull side show of original ceramic skulls, skulls dancing the Cancan, and the poem, ‘Lines Inscribed Upon A Cup Formed From A Skull’ by Lord Byron.

Some of My Favorite Things
Find recipes for cakes & cookies, images of dragons, wizards, angels, fairies, cats, dogs, wolves, dragonflies, etc., and lots of links.

Ginger Edwards’ links
Great links to great websites.

Ginger's Images & Ginger's Images 2
Hundreds of great assorted images

Phil Edwards, author
Read about Phil's life, his family, excerpts from his historical and futuristic novels, writer’s resources, the history of books, view his sculptures, and more.

MERC, the novel
A fictional adventure novel about a mercenary soldier.

About the author, his books and links.

An adventure novel about an Irishman’s fight for wealth and power by Phil Edwards.

A historical/adventure saga of a man’s rise to power and fortune by Phil Edwards.

The saga of a Yaqui Indian family as their progeny live through several centuries.

Phil Edwards, links page
Some of Phil's favorite web sites.

Phil's personal MySpace
A personal view of the writer and his craft, his favorite books, movies, heroes, music, and links.

Phil Edwards profile

The Randa Lee Express Band
Randa has entertained our troops in the Balkans. She has sung and played bass to jazz, new and traditional country, rockin' oldies & classic rock for audiences throughout the US and Canada.

Randa Lee Voice Lessons, Riverside CA
Randa's MySpace about voice lessons and vocal coaching. Private lessons for the beginner to the professional in Riverside, California.

Merlina Rene, author
Merlina Rene, author, photos, & graphics plus excerpts from her Sword & Sorcery Saga, The Battle Lord & The Promise, earlier writings and a favorite links page.

The Battle Lord
An exciting Sword & Sorcery novel by, Merlina Rene book 1 of saga, excerpts, a favorite links page and links to her other works.

The Promise of the ANCIENTS
A novel by Merlina Rene, book 2 of her Sword & Sorcery saga, excerpts, a favorite links page and links to her other works.

The Unification
A novel by Merlina Rene, book 3 of her Sword & Sorcery Saga, excerpts, a favorite links page and links to her other works.

The Reign of the Chosen
A novel by Merlina Rene, book 4 of her Sword & Sorcery saga, excerpts, a favorite links page, links to her other works and hints on book five, Excido Adluvio - The Forgotten Lands.

Live Life with an Edge!
Ready, set, read! These Katie Bryan novels are packed with action, suspense, and conspiracy then stirred with romance.

Donald Alex Lucas
Beloved Father, Grandfather, Son, Brother & Friend

Rae Ann's Rhymes
Wonderful, whimsical, and spiritual poetry.

Melissa's Belly Beginnings
Help for birth, breastfeeding and through the journey of parenthood from a mom with the love, experience and education who cares.

Trio 7 Jazz Piano
Trio 7’s leader, Jeff Brent's piano playing exemplifies the essence of the jazz pianist's craft, bringing energetic passion to this jazz trio.

Trio 7
Here is Jeff Brent’s latest CD. Listen to the raw energy and passions of the jazz experience.

Jeff Brent Musician
Multi-instrumental performer, vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, and arranger.

Jeff Brent Music Teacher
A performing musician and teacher of upcoming talents, Jeff provides lessons for each individual student's needs and wants. Photos, Jeff’s lyrics, and more.

Jeff Brent, Entertainer
Multi-instrumental recording artist, Jeff is vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, arranger, keyboards, guitars, saxes, flutes, bass, harmonica, mandolin, and fiddle.

The Whistling Language
A monumental undertaking by one man using his love of music and language to document the whistling language of La Gomera.

World Famous Super Star Productions
Great, affordable, professional promo videos for performers, bands, comedians, dancers, etc. by an award winning team of Videographers.

Guitar Lessons from a Pro ~ Riverside, Ca
Jeff Brent is a professional musician, a great guitarist and excellent instructor for the beginner through advanced. Learn to play the guitar from a pro.

John H Long/author/fantasywriter
The author of the fantasy novel The Heritage of Yawnogard and several short stories, John brings the reader escape from the reality of daily living.

The Heritage of Yawnogard, the novel
The Heritage of Yawnogard is a novel created from a dream John had many years ago.

Crystals of Yawnogard
Excerpts and artwork from John Long’s novel, The Heritage of Yawnogard.

DragonwayThe Heritage of
The Heritage of Yawnogard, how it all started.

Merlins Heritage of Yawnogard
The Witness – “The mortal body is but a shell for our immortal one,” a quote by G.W. Merlone from the novel The Heritage of Yawnogard.

John H. Long profile

The Las Vegas Writers
On becoming a better writer.

Golden Rule or $Greedy Rule$
A book about social justice written by centrist Heyward C Hawkins. Read the Preface and become hooked.

BJ's Bling
Unique glass art that you wear. Some pieces contain Cubic Zirconia jewels, wire work and beading, or precious silver metal clay.