Overview: Square is a game about colors and changing the world through small steps. It's a first look into the alt/art games scene.

Code samples:
This is the code sample of where I updated all of the colors. I blended the color of the player and what they collided with; but for the world color I only increased it by finding what color, red ,green ,blue, had the most impact on what they collided with.

This is all of my procedural generation code that is executed on key presses. Even though it's not that great I still like how I solved it with offsets and bounds.

What went right, What went wrong: Generally speaking the game went alright but a lot went wrong. I changed my original game idea after the implementation was very difficult and I had a lot of issues with unity, what I had originally planed to use. I also found myself to be tired of making normal, run of the mill games and really wanted to get into the alt/art games scene and make something unusual. I also was battling emotional issues throughout the entire semester and it made me have to drop two classes as to not fail them. I would have liked to worked with someone else but I feel like I would have relied too heavily on them and not have much content that came from me. There would also be the issue of me not being able to express what I was going for in this game and it not coming out like I wanted it too. I think the emphasis on this being a heavy factor on if I could get a job or not really wore me down and made me go into a slump. I'm not really trying to worry about that aspect right now because it causes me too much depressive thoughts and my therapist has told to try and not think too far ahead and work on the day to day. I really wish I could have shown more in class but I still really don't feel comfortable with the large size of the class and speaking in front of them. I liked what I made and if I fail this semester I would probably try and expand on the idea.

Related classes: Scripting class (everything was written in lua script)

-collisions with color updating
-procedural generation
-world color updating

Changed game Idea a while ago

-Random spawning
-Color updating

next three things
-procedural generation
-collisions with color updating
-better data structure manipulation

-Player Movement

next three things:
-full world with dynamic loading
-character sprite
-smoother camera movement

InveRsePG 2: The First One

Developer: Matthew Hubers  
Intended Audience: Teens to adults who like humor games and rpgs
Intended Length Of Play: 2-3 hours
Platforms: PC (maybe mobile)
Description: I this RPG instead of getting stronger as you progress you get weaker!

Back story: After grinding in an RPG for hours and getting to max level you find yourself at the final boss. After easily defeating them they use their final breath to place a curse on you, a curse of deleveling! The only way to break the curse is to take a sip from the goddess fountain, unfortunately for you that fountain resides in the starting town of your adventure! Now you must make your way back before you revert to level 0.

User Experience: The player will be controlling a character in a traditional top-down RPG setting with rouge-like fighting mechanics. These being where you "bump" into enemies to damage them and they do the same to you. As you defeat enemies you actually lose experience instead of gaining it. In order to make it so that you don't get too weak and are not able to defeat the enemies down the road each area will have a delevel cap, this will be explained as the goddess protecting you. When the player starts the game the menu will give the option to only "continue" a game which will show a save game at max level with the max amount of playtime to give the allusion of being at the end of the game already. The player will travel through previously traveled locations and see the effects of having been there before. This can open up opportunities for humorous dialogue and unexpected events to unfold. There will be a generic fantasy story involving crystals and you can see the effects on the towns near where these crystals reside, for example flooding in the town of the water crystal or extreme cold in the town of the fire crystal. There will also be humorous options that are all sliders, for example a graphics slider, when at 1, will change everything into a Rogue look alike; and of course there will be a slider slider that changes the sliders.