Google Earth Applications  

A collection of Google Earth files I've been working on--all of  which have been promoted by Google Earth Outreach.

Public Land for Sale
Produced for the Sierra Club, these two KMZs illustrate the threat to America's forestry heritage. The use of polygons and lines to show boundaries has been used extensively here to represent those areas under threat.

Marine Protected Areas

The coastline of California is known for its spectacular scenery and diverse marine life. In this file, explore California's landmark, ocean conservation legacy, a newly-created network of marine protected areas. View this network of 29 marine protected areas, covering 200 square miles between Santa Barbara and San Francisco. View fact sheets for each protected area that describes the unique ecological value of the site, including aerial and underwater photos and video of vibrant but fragile wildlife and ecosystems.

Industrial Pollutants
With new information on chemical releases and transfers from Mexican industrial sources now available
to the public, we created the first seamless, North America-wide map layer connecting citizens with point-specific industrial pollutant data in Canada, Mexico, and the United States--one of the first and only KMLs to be published in multiple languages.

America's Legacy

All across America, communities are working to protect our public lands from threats like oil and gas drilling, unchecked development, irresponsible recreation, logging, and global warming. In order to save what remains of our nation's wild legacy, the Sierra Club has launched a campaign to protect 52 of our most exceptional places--one in every state, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia--over the next 10 years.

Iowa Caucus 2008
With the Iowa Caucus kicking off such an important primary election season, and with the results catching everyone's attention, I stayed up late that night and put together this KMZ.  The data is great and I think it is very interesting to visualize spatially.  Hopefully it will motivate others to do similar projects.  I wanted to be able to see the results in each county and how these compared to the state as well as to the "Other" party. 

 Public Land For Sale 2007
 Public Land For Sale 2006


Central California Marine Protected Areas 2007


PRTR 2004   English
PRTR 2004  Espanol
PRTR 2004  Francais


America's Legacy 52 Places

Iowa Primary Caucus