Gina & Bo's Las Vegas Wedding

Oct 29th 2008

Planning Bio

Hey there, i'm finally trying my hand at this bio forgive me if it turns out a disaster.....i'm a newbie to this. 

My FI and I are both from Ireland, but decided on a Vegas wedding, as we have two kids, and just didn't want the big traditional Irish wedding here (plus, it's a excuse to get to Vegas).  We're getting married on Oct 29th, 2008, and we cant wait.  We'll have about 50 of our family and close friends there, so it should be a week of nothing but fun, fun and more fun!!  It just seems like so far away right now, but at least the planning is keeping me busy.  So here it goes, please forgive me if this doesn't look too good, and if i have used anyone pictures without permission, again, forgive me, and just mail me and i'll credit you. 


My Dress

I have my dress ordered, just waiting "not so" patiently for it to arrive now.  I am so not a "dress" girl, the last time i think i wore a dress for for my Confirmation, so i didn't want anything too over the top, something pretty simple, anyway, i tried on a few, but kept coming back to this one i had seen on the net, and gave in and ordered it.

Bridesmaid Dresses

I am having three bridesmaids and my daughter, who's be almost 11 will be Junior Bridesmaid.  We picked out the bridesmaid dresses last week, I love them.  I had my heart set on brown for so long, but then saw these and loved them.  They are tea length, and the girls love them too. 

Here's a picture of the dress i want for my daughter, but instead of the pink band with the flower, hers will be black.  Just hope now i can find a dress maker that will do it


The guys will be wearing black suits with grey/silver vests and cravats.  Thinking of maybe putting deep red cravats on the groomsmen and just grey/silver on the groom.  Here's some pics i like.  They will be wearing cravats, not ties, and dont know what type of shirts yet, but dont think they'll be wearing the one in the pic.  Our three year old son will be the ring bearer, and will wear the same kinda suit as his dad.



Okay, as this is a work in progress, that's all i have right now on the wedding wear, i have to upload pictures of the bridesmaids jewellery, and shoes....and other bits and pieces, will upload as soon as i get a chance.



I think we're going to have red/deep red flowers, have roses in mind at the minute.  We have booked Pam at The Pallete.  Have read nothing but great reviews about her, so have every faith in her to come up with something to suit.  Here's just some pics of flowers that i really like.

Hair Ideas

I think I'm going to leave my hair down, dont know exactly what I'd like to do with it yet though, here's some pics of styles i like.



 As of now, we having both the ceremony and the reception at The Ritz of Las Vegas, We were planning on having an outdoor ceremony at 7pm, as i love the pictures of the outdoor wedding area at night time.  Dont know now if we can have the ceremony there, having a bit of hassle with our parish priest here, so still have to confirm that, but would love if it was possible. Here's some pics of the venue.

The Ritz of Las Vegas


The cake is supplied by the Ritz, the cakes they use are from Cakes by Ruth.  This is the one we want, just maybe not as much flowers as the one in the picture.


Ring Bearer Pillow

This is the Ring Bearer pillow we ordered.  I got it from


Guestbook & Pen Set

Also gotten from


I got the favor boxes in the pictures, we want to fill them with black and white M&M's. I was planning on getting the personalized M&M's only to find out they dont personalize the black one, so will probably just get the white one personalized, and go with the plain black one.  We also got candles with our wedding date and names on them, and personalized black matchbooks.


OOT Guest Boxes

I wanted to do something just as a token of thanks for everyone coming out to the wedding.  I just love these OOT boxes.  In the picture, the colour scheme is brown/fall colors, but have since changed to black, so the girls at are doing up some new pictures for me with our new wedding colours.  I cant wait to see them.  The girls there have been so helpful so far, and a pleasure to work with. Again, pics in brown, the one's we get will be black with red accents.





Thanks to all the knotties on the Vegas board, i decided to book these, after reading all the reviews, i'm actually looking forward to seeing these pictures (and i'm very camera



Only for the knot, I'd probably have my mom taking the pics, and my brothers doing the video.  Being from Ireland, it's so hard to book things from so far away, so thanks to everyone for the recommendations.  We are having a wedding party when we get back to Ireland, and they will show the wedding dvd at the party, so we'll all have to be on our "best"



Yep, i got them.  I'm totally excited about having Glamsquad doing our hair and makeup.  I actually think James, and all at Glamsquad have a bigger fan base than any superstar  i know of.  Have heard nothing but praise for him.  Believe me though, he'll have his work cut out for him that 


We're going to hire a party bus while in Vegas, to take guests to dinner at BJ's Brewhouse during the week, have to start looking up some companys yet though.


As we'll be spending a week in Vegas, we'll only be staying on in the US for another 10 days after that.  We leave Vegas the Saturday after the wedding (wedding on a Wednesday), and fly to Los Angeles, stay at the Regent Beverly Wilshire (a big Pretty Woman fan for two nights.  Then we go on a Carnival Cruise to Cataline Island and Baha, Mexico from the Monday to the Friday.  We'll probably rent a car then when we return and drive up to San Francisco, stopping for a night in Santa Barbara and Carmel.  Then three nights in San Francisco, and home sweet home.  We arrive back to Ireland on the Thursday morning, and then have to get ready for a wedding party on the Saturday night, with approx 250 guests.....i'll need another honeymoon after


Ok, i'm done.....i will update as soon as i get the pictures uploaded, so pleases forgive me for the very amateur job, at least i tried.  I feel guilty looking at everyone elses bio's and having none myself...