2014 -2015: Progress for advancing Ageing

The Geneva International Network on Ageing (GINA) was created in 1996 in Geneva.

The unique feature is to bring together local and international experts on ageing from the United Nations, the academic and political world as well as representatives of older persons associations.

GINA received an award from the UN secretary-general for the deployement of its activities and the international impact of its advocacy. Those activities, articles, documents and more are presented in this website.

GINA strives to encourage more information, exchange and advocacy to address more seriously ageing at the United Nations and international level. Currently the United Nations in its wide system only employs 2 paid professionals with one secretariat and no budget which shows the level of neglect. Statistically and realistically, ageing is wider in scope and impact than any other age group in the world, it challenges society at many levels from  socio-economic agequakes to health management, from intergenenerational consequences to inheritance issues. Facing such an iceberg, many only see the surface, but If not tackled urgently the ageing population issue will only precipitate further the world crisis and our interdependant lives.
Therefore, with GINA we hope to contribute to  the efforts conducted by many other neworks on ageing around the globe by sharing our activitties and inspire more committements and collaborations around the world.
2012 was an important year holding hopes that ageing will gain more importance within the United Nations and International Agenda!
2012 was the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations!
2012 was the review of the UN Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA+10) 
          where Member States and NGOs will consider what steps have been taken in the world and formulate a new Declaration!
2012 was also important to GINA who organizes many key events
           - on Older Women's Rights during the UN Commission on the Status of Women
           - on Technology and Reproductive Rights of Older Men and Women
           - on the Right to Development for Older Persons and  their Life Long Human Rights during the Social Forum at the United Nations
           - a special event for the International Day of Older Persons
2012-2013 were important for advancing the agenda on ageing at the United Nations with the publication of many reports at the Human Rights Council
acknowledging the situation of poverty in older persons, of lack of rights and of lack of policies and structures to advance it.

In 2014, the UN nominated Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, Independent Expert on the "Enjoyment of all Human Rights by Older Persons" with the hope that the issue of ageing will be mainstreamed not only thematically but that budget allocation will be given
to work on the older persons priority issues and end the exclusion of older persons from the UN Agenda!

The 2014 International Day of Older Persons in Geneva, organised by GINA and the NGO Committee on Ageing, will take place on 1 October at the United Nations - Room XII, from 10h00 to 12h00 and  will welcome a talk from Rosa Kornfeld-Matte along with 

   Susana Ordano, Representative of Argentina: How can Member States support the mandate of the Independent Expert.

   Silvia Stefanoni, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy and Strategy, HelpAge International: Launch of the Global AgeWatch Index 2014.

   Isabel Ortiz, Director of the Social Protection Department, ILO: Launch of the ILO Social Protection for Older Persons Report.

Alanna Armitage, Director, Geneva Office, United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA

Followed by an event organized by UNECE from 12:30 -14:00 (behind the General Assembly, Hall 15): 
Dance performance by “The Magical Movers” 

We are confident, 2015 will unfold with new steps on a new path!
Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD
President, Geneva International Network on Ageing

..more to be posted soon...