Anna Waters

Anna Christian Waters - Missing 1/16/1973 from Half Moon Bay, CA

Anna's Disappearance

Anna's family lived in a rural part of coastal San Mateo County near Half Moon Bay, CA. On the day of her disappearance, Anna arrived home via her schoolbus at about 1PM on January 16, 1973. She changed her clothes and went out into the yard to play. Both her mother and step-father were home and inside the house at the time.

At 2:20, her mother noticed that she did not hear Anna playing anymore. A quick search of the immediate property was done, but Anna was not there. The San Mateo County Sheriffs were called at 3PM and arrived at 3:15PM. Immediately upon arrival, the sheriffs deputy sounded his siren in an attempt to attract Anna's attention in case she had wandered off.

The mother felt that the most immediate danger to Anna was a creek that ran through their property that was at flood stage on that day. All inital efforts were directed toward searching the creek and its banks. All subsequent searches of the creek have not turned up any evidence that Anna fell into the creek - this includes scuba searches and several foot-by-foot searches of the entire length of the creek from the point of Anna's disappearance to the mouth of the creek where it discharges into the Pacific Ocean. Anna's body would have washed up on the banks or been trapped in underbrush or the several dams that existed between the property and the ocean.

It was not until the searching of the creek was completed that the focus fell on a possible abduction. Unfortunately, that was several days after her disappearance.

Stranger Abduction?

The San Mateo County Sheriffs Department lists the disappearance of Anna as a "probable stanger abduction", meaning that she would have been taken by someone other than a family member.

A friend of the family who was on his way to visit passed on the road a white panel van coming away from the direction of the house containing "a young man and an old man" five minutes before Anna was noticed to be missing. They were not residents of the immediate area.

Purissima Creek Road is not a major thoroughfare - a person would be on this road only if they had a reason to. It is unlikely that a predator looking to kidnap a child would travel this road. It would make much more sense to search for prey in a park or a school area where one would know that children would most likely be.

Because of this fact, I believe that Anna was not taken by a stranger. No, somebody wanted her specifically and knew where to find her. But who? And why?

A Tale of Two Georges

Anna's birth father was named George Henry Waters. He married Michaele B. in 1964 in New York City while attending Columbia Medical School. The family moved to San Francisco for him to complete his residency where Anna was born September 25, 1967.

Around the time of Anna's birth, George Waters met an older man by the name of George Brody (probably an alias). Brody was a man in his sixties at that time who immediately started to manipulate Waters and his family into his small cult of personality. Marital strains caused by Brody's manipulation and increasingly paranoid behavior by Waters led to Anna's parents divorcing shortly after her birth.

Although Waters came from a well-to-do family and was a physician working at three different facilities, he moved into a seedy hotel in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco with Brody as his roommate. Brody, who appears to have never worked a day in his life, was completely supported financially by Waters. Waters appears to have not made any moves or decisions without the full approval of Brody. (It should be clarified that even though these were two adult men living in very close arrangements, there has never been any evidence or hint that their relationship was sexual. It appeared to be more a twisted version of guru and disciple.)

Brody showed an disturbing level of interest in Anna. He believed that Anna was the reincarnation of a woman that he had lived with for several decades (the woman had died about a month before Anna was born). At Brody's and Waters' insistence, the mother agreed to let Anna's name be legally changed, adding the nonsense word "Eifee" as middle name. This was demanded by Brody so that Anna's name and his name would "numerologically" add up to the same number.

In the few years after Anna's birth, George's behavior became more irrational: demanding money from his family, complaints to Anna's mother concerning what was a small child support payment for Anna, crazy accusations toward any and all who used to be his friends. Waters was finally diagnosed as a paranoid-schizophrenic. His family decided against having him committed (even though he had shown himself to be a danger to himself and others) in an effort to let him maintain his doctor's license.

Waters' devotion to Brody and Brody's unusual attention to Anna lead back to the sighting of "a young man and an old man" driving a white panel truck in the vicinity of Anna's disappearance. Waters was in his thirties while Brody was in his seventies. Interestingly, after Anna's disappearance, Waters never contacted the mother to see what had happened or to offer condolences. His only known reaction was to contact his attorney to see if he could discontinue his child support payments.

Attached is a picture of George Waters circa 1964:

Attached is a picture of George Brody from 1974:

A Tale of Two Georges, Part 2

It should be stated that both LE (law enforcement) and a very respected private investigator who examined Waters and Brody concluded that they could find no direct evidence that they had anything to do with Anna's disappearance. However, absence of evidence is not the same as innocence. And both LE and the PI agreed that the two Georges were extremely odd and capable of doing crazy things.

Brody developed throat cancer and was treated by Waters (who was a physician). Brody died Christmas Eve 1981. His death certificate may have been the only official piece of paperwork that ever existed on Brody - it showed no known birth date, no known relatives and no social security number.

After the death of Brody, Waters went into a frenzy of activity. He started destroying any paperwork or personal information pertaining to himself, Brody or Anna. The few items that he did not destroy were items that were not readily accessible such as safe deposit boxes.

Approximately two weeks after the death of Brody, Waters killed himself by drinking posion while in his hotel room. His death certificate shows a date of January 7, 1982, but this is speculation by the SF Coroner because Waters' body was not discovered until approximately a week after his suicide.

Couple in the car

Anna's brother recently remembered something which had happened about a month before she disappeared. The three children were out for a walk on the country road in front of our house and were only a little distance away from the house when a sedan stopped in the middle of the road and a man and a woman in the car tried to get Anna to get in the car. When she and her brothers refused, the car drove away. "It was really strange," he said.

Here is Anna's brother's account:

"As far as I remember it here is the accounting of the incident with the car luring Anna towards it: It seemed like the middle of the day. Maybe it was a Sat. or Sunday. We used to like to walk towards the end of the canyon down the road heading east. The house where we lived was about 1.5 miles from the end of the canyon. We were approximately 1/4 mile from our house when a car passed us and pulled infront of us about 25 ft. Saturn the dog barked at the car as a woman wearing a loose fitting white shirt with embroidery on it and long dark hair opened up the back door. She spoke to us from within the car, a 4 door american sedan that was a dark green or gold. Somehow I remember it as a chevy impala late 60s - it was not new. I know cars pretty well. I thought it had the old style washington plate - white with green letters - I can't be sure about that.

When we got the dog settled down she made small talk and addressed Anna primarily - I believe . I answered for her but she continued to address Anna with small talk and questions - do you live here?, where do you go to school?, do you walk down the road often? at that point she asked if she wanted her (us - I can't remember) to ride to the end of the road with her. This creeped me out sufficiently to turn our party around and head back home. The woman closed the door and the car scooted off quickly towards the end of the canyon. I don't remember if and how I relayed the story at the time to my parents.

I didn't think much of it. I knew some creepy people would travel down that road every once in a while. A body was dumped closer to the entry of the canyon earlier that year. I just knew there was no way any of us was going to get into a car with people we didn't know and kind of put it behind me. I wish now I had paid closer attention to everything."

The significance of this event cannot be overstated. This means that one month before Anna disappeared, a couple attempted to get Anna to get in their car. It would be reasonable to assume that they returned at the later time and successfully abducted Anna. This scenario raises the possibilty that Anna was taken by a family that would raise her as their daughter. And that she could be alive today, looking for her real family...


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Note: all of the above info was copied and edited from postings in the Websleuths forum.


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