Note: This page is based on the official GIMP links page.

Important GIMP Links

  • GIMP - The official website of the Gnu Image Manipulation Program
  • GIMP Tutorials - GIMP tutorials hosted on the official website
  • The GNOME project - The Free Software Desktop Project (GIMP is a part of GNOME)
  • The GNU project - The Free Software Operating System (GIMP is a part of GNU)
  • GNU GPL - The GNU general public license (GIMP's license)

Official GIMP sites

GIMP Development Links

GIMP Tutorials

More GIMP links

  • Meet the GIMP!
    A videopodcast about the free graphics program GIMP
  • English GIMP-club at yahoo groups
    English-spoken community to discuss usage of GIMP
  • GIMP in Russian
    Russian site about GIMP. Articles, tutorials, FAQ, forum.
    A resource for artist using GNU/Linux.
    German-spoken forum focussing on GIMP. News, tutorials, user-to-user help and galleries.
    German GIMP platform offering tips & information about GIMP and a growing tutorials database.
    An international community site offering tips, news and a growing tutorials database.
    News, tutorials, forum, galleries for Spanish-speaking users.
    News, blog and forum in Magyar (Hungarian).
    GIMP for Polish-speaking users: news, forum, tutorials, gallery.
    Forum and galleries in Norwegian.

Related software

  • ImageMagick
    A collection of tools and libraries that work at the command line as well.
  • Tux Paint
    A drawing program for young children.
  • Krita
    A painting and image editing application for the KOffice project.
  • XV
    One of the original unix graphics applications.
  • Skencil (formerly known as Sketch)
    A vector drawing program for Unix.
  • sK1 Project (based on Skencil)
    A vector drawing program for Unix.
  • Inkscape
    Very powerful SVG based illustration package distributed under the GNU GPL
  • Blender
    Multi-platform full featured 3D content creation suite, also distributed under the GPL