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The best virtual desktop/window managers in the universe giving you the space you need!

GiMeSpace Desktop Extenders are scrolling virtual desktop managers and the only virtual desktop/window managers that give you seamless unlimited desktop space. New since version 2 is that you can now also resize your windows without any limitations. You can have for example a window that is 16000x16000 pixels wide. No screen will ever have that resolution!
These programs make the panning (pan and scan) function that so many users liked in windows XP available for windows Vista and Windows 7/8. But now in a more powerful and flexible way!
New since version 2.1 is that you can limit the size of your virtual desktop to the space that is used by your application windows. If you use only the space within you visible screen you will not even notice that GiMeSpace is running!
All versions require windows XP or later versions except the 3D version that requires Windows Vista or 7/8 with Aero theme (this excludes 7 starter). 64bits is supported since version 2.2.

New! GiMeSpace QuickMenu
While ms is annoying windows desktop users with metro/modernUI, and other companies are restoring things back to the old, GiMeSpace is offering desktop users something much better for free: the most simple and fastest task launcher&switcher possible! GiMeSpace QuickMenu!
Press a custom assigned mouse/keyboard key, the menu pops up at the place of the mouse cursor, move to the desired task, release the key, and that is all! Can not be quicker or easier!
This program is for free!
Get it from CNET!
New! GiMeSpace Cam Control
Control your computer by making gestures in front of your webcam! You can simulate mouse movements, the keyboard cursor keys, or control the GiMeSpace virtual desktop managers. This program allows you to control your computer by making movements with a flat hand in front of your webcam.
This program is for free!
Get it from CNET!
GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D is the deluxe version of the Desktop Extenders. It uses the latest Areo theme desktop technology present in Windows Vista and 7/8.So it does not work on XP, 7 starter or server 2003! Like in the standard edition you can scroll left-right, up-down. But now you can also zoom in and out seamless. So you can navigate your desktop in 3 dimensions!
Bonus: Only available in this edition! You can now assign hotkeys to different places in your desktop!
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 GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar
This edition is based on the standard Desktop Extender version. It shows the overview of your extended desktop on your taskbar next to your taskbar buttons! The best solution for most users. Supports scrolling in 2 directions and making windows bigger then your physical screen.
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The standard edition providing maximum flexibility of expanding your desktop in 2 dimensions. It has a popup screen where you can see your entire extended desktop.
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Expands your desktop limitless in horizontal direction while you can scroll by pushing your mouse to the left and right side of your screen. Simple but effective to create the desktop space you need!

Download the Freeware Edition:
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