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Frequently asked questions:

Q: GiMespace doesn't work/install.
A: Some computers require administrator rights for a successful setup.
Try running the setup with administrator rights.

Q: My anti virus scanner gives a warning.
A: GiMeSpace looks at the mouse and the keyboard shift keys to produce the correct actions.
Also a bit of code is added to each window to enable resizing to sizes bigger then the
physical screen. Some anti virus scanners don't like these things. If you don't trust
your copy, feel free to submit it to your anti virus company for checking.

Q: I can not resize a windows vertical size to larger then my screen.
A: Some programs don't allow their windows to be resized to bigger sizes with the mouse. But GiMeSpace v2.x has an extra tool to do this: Select the window, right click on the GiMeSpace tray icon and select Set window size. Enter the desired size and hit apply.

Q: Winamp doesn't scroll.
A: Yes Winamp and some other programs have their own interface manager. There is nothing to do about this.

Q: After my purchase my computer crashed and the program didn't have time to unlock.
A: Email gimespace@gimespace.com and I will unlock it for you.

Q: GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar is hiding my pinned apps.
A: Since version 2.2.4 it is possible to resize the navigation panel to a smaller size.

Q: I don't want my toolbars and gadgets to scroll.
A: Select these toolbars as non scrolling window classes in the Scrolling windows tab.

Q: Maximized windows behave weird.
A: Yes, some of these windows do not like to be scrolled. Click the restore button and resize them manually to full screen sized.

Q: Can I make a screenshot of my oversized window?
A: No, the windows os does not allow screencapturing of window parts that are not visible. I tried many things to make this happen, but it is not possible.

Q: My 64bit programs can not be sized to bigger sizes then my screen.
A: Start the 64bit extension that comes with version 2.2. (In the GiMeSpace folder in your start menu.)

Q: GiMeSpace scrolling is slow or goes in big jumps.
A: When you have a slow computer or many programs running at the same time the CPU is overloaded with work so GiMeSpace is not getting enough time to do the scrolling. You can open the windows taskmanager (ctrl alt del) and go to processes and find GiMeSpace.exe. Then right click to set priority to above normal. This will cause better scrolling. GiMeSpace is standard not set to higher priority because the idea is to interfere as little as possible with your system.

Q: How do I buy this program?
A: Press the register button in the registration tab and follow the instructions or buy online on this site. All registrations are done with Digital River RegNow secure internet servers.

Q: I have trouble with buying this program.
A: Email gimespace@gimespace.com for assistance.

Q: When I buy the program, can I upgrade to future versions?
A: Yes, just install the new version and your registration stays valid.

Q: My question is not answered.
A: Email: gimespace@gimespace.com