Physician Assisted Suicide Brain Twister

Aloha State of Hawaii Registered Voters!
One of the Controversial "Hot Topics" for All Candidates to Debate is whether or Not to Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide.
So here is a Legal Brain Twister for you to Ponder:
It is illegal for a Boyfriend/Husband to Disipline his Girlfriend/Wife by Beating her (AKA: Domestic Violence).
Yet Plastic Surgeons & Tattoo Artists are Legally allowed Prey upon Mentally Ill Insecure Females for Financial Gain, & inflict Unnecessary Injuries to them (Which according to the Law is Assault & an Ethics Violation) via Breast Implants, Tattoos, Body Piercings, Liposuction etc.
If you Claim Unnecessary Plastic Surgeory & Tattooing is Legal due to the Patients' Consent; Then why was Dr. Jack Kevorkian incarcerated for Manslaughter via Assisted Suicide? After all... He had CONSENT!
So here we have a Hypocrisy or Double Standard with-in the Law.
Either Unnecessary Plastic Surgeory & Tattooing needs to be Illegalized... OR... Wife Beating & Assisted Suicide needs to be Legalized!
This all falls under the "Law" Catagory of Assault.
If you ask me... there appears to be No Winner.
This Contridiction of Law is Controversial because Collateral Damages stemming from the Womens' Rights Movement over the past 40 Years are now begining to Surface.
I am not sure how Strict Europe is on Domestic Violence, but in America, a Boyfriend... or Husband will be Arrested for Disiplining (Assaulting) his Girlfriend/Wife.
Yet is it Fair for the Woman (Excercising her Womans' Rights) to then go & let a Plastic Surgeon "Cut her up"? Or for a Tattoo Artist to "Brand" her Permenantly?
In 1989, While in an Argument with my High School Sweetheart (over Temptation or Trickster Malice); I was attempting to look out for her Welfare. During the Argument, her attention was divided between myself & her Girlfriend who was trying to set her up with another Guy. Then "In the Heat of the Moment" I inadvertantly ended up pushing her in an attempt to get her Undivided Attention (I was 18 Years Old (Naive) & Intoxicated). She fell down & then accused me of Domestic Violence, whereby I was not allowed to see her anymore.
Soonthereafter, She became involved with her Girlfriend's Social Group of Friends, & because of Peer Pressure & her Naive Young Age, her Psychological Insecurity (AKA: Mental Illness) compelled her to get Breast Implants.
My Heart was Broken.
So I feel the Womens' Rights Domestic Violence Laws did not protect my Love Interests; & actually aided a Criminal Act (i.e. Unnecessary Plastic Surgeory/Assault).
The Law is the Law.
Plastic Surgeons & Tattoo Artist commit Assault Daily, yet they are not Arrested?
If it is Legal for Plastic Surgeons to use their (questionable) "Ethical Discretion" to Injure a Patient who is Perfectly Healthy; then why does Law Enforcement interfeer with a Boyfriend/Husband Disiplining his Girlfriend or Wife? It appears Law Enforcement is Discriminating & or engaging in a "Double Standard" by depriving Men of being able to use their Discretion "when to & how to" Disipline their Spouses. (But it's O.K. for Plastic Surgeons? Seriously... WTF is that??? This makes me Anrgy!)
Very Controversial Indeed.
An Interesting Brain Twister to contemplate.
I am undecided on Physician Assisted Suicide; Perhaps it should be looked at on a "Case by Case" Basis.
Sincerely with Aloha,
Antonio Gimbernat