Financial Institution & Judicial Corruption

Aloha State of Hawaii Registered Voters!
In April of 2008 I was laid off from my Job as a Commercial Truck Driver.

I had a Checking Account with American Savings Bank.

The Fact I was now Unemployed, I was bringing my Account Balance down to a Minimum.

In June of 2009 I had $85.00 in my Account.

I wrote a check to Wal Mart for $83.00.

I had forgotten the Bank was Charging me a $3.00 Monthly Service Fee.

This $3.00 Fee was withdrawn from my Account before the Check to Wal Mart came in.

So my New Account Balance was $82.00.

When the $83.00 Check I wrote to Wal Mart came in, the Bank Returned it, because I had Insufficient Funds. American Savings Bank Charged me a $30.00 “Processing Fee”.

When Wal Mart Received the Check back, they too charged me a $30.00 “Processing Fee”; & then sent the Check back to the Bank.

My Bank Account was now at $52.00 ($82.00 Minus the $30.00 Processing Fee); Obviously again my Account had insufficient Funds to cover the Check. So American Savings Bank sent the Check back to Wal Mart; & American Savings Bank charged me another $30.00 “Processing Fee” bringing my Account down to $22.00 now!

Wal Mart did not charge me another Fee, but they did send the Check back to American Savings Bank a third time, where I was charged yet again, another $30.00 for insufficient Funds, which brought my Account down to -$12.00!

So in total I was charged $120.00 USD for being $1.00 USD Overdrawn!

This is an OUTRAGE!

I pleaded with the Teller “Listen, I was Laid Off, is there any way you can waive these Fees…?”; The Teller & Branch Manager Played Hardball with me stating “You need to read the Fine Print of your Account Contract” & “You need to keep a Register”;

OMG! I was Laid off!

These Fees snowballed into a Sum of about $450.00 USD which I reluctantly was FORCED to pay.

I paid the last of it in March of 2010. What a Nightmare!


Then in January of 2011, I moved to a New Apt.

I began Receiving Bank Statements, at my Address, from American Savings Bank; addressed to a Person Named Marcia Elliot.

I “Processed” 3 of these Letters between Jan. 15, 2011 & March 31, 2011; Writing “Return to Sender” & “Please update your Records, Marcia Elliot is not a Resident here.” on the Envelope & Returned them to the Postmaster.

On or about April 1, 2011, When the 4th Bank Statement for Marcia Elliot Arrived in my Mailbox from American Savings Bank; I Concluded American Savings Bank was Harassing me Via Deliberately Not Updating their Records on Marcia Elliot.

I Filed a Small Claims Complaint with the Court against American Savings Bank, Demanding “Processing Fees” from the Defendant for Deliberate “Mailing Harassment & or Mailing Errors” with addition to Pro Se Attorney’s Fees, Filing Fees, Gas & Mileage.

This Totaled $695.00 USD.

Second Circuit Court Judge Blaine Kobayashi UnSoundly & UnFoundedly Ruled in Favor of the Bank.

I then filed a Complaint against Judge Kobayashi for making an Unsound Ruling (Note: I provided Fact Evidence; the actual Letter from American Savings Bank with Marcia Elliot's Name & my Address on it!).

The Judicial Commision found no Violations against the Judge, or Reasons to have the Judge undergo a Mental Health Screening!


It appears the Judges are Sleeping with the Bank Branch Managers!

I fought the Good Fight, & although I came up in the Red; I was in their Face confronting them about their Predatory “Processing/Service Fees”.

By taking them to Court, I gave the Banks a taste of their own Medicine.

So here is another reason I am Running for the U.S. Senate Seat, so I can Confront Financial Institutions about their Predatory "Processing Fees" & so I can Confront Judges about their Unsound & Unfounded Rulings.

Sincerely with Aloha,

Antonio Gimbernat