Welcome to the first ever "Crowd Praying" website on the Internet... This site is NEW and groundbreaking so we ask your indulgence as we improve it over time.  There is nothing automated on this site...all pages are created one at a time by "God's Battle Buddy" (aka the webmaster).  We also ask for your HELP in spreading the word (and links, of course) about this website.  This is a non-denominational website, too.   

CLICK HERE to learn about and Join a Nationwide Prayer Group that is praying for OUR COUNTRY at 9:00 pm (Eastern Time) EVERY night for just ONE MINUTE.

CLICK HERE for the Monthly Prayer Intentions Prayer Project

DO YOU HAVE TIME TO HELP SOMEONE WITH YOUR PRAYERS?  Then go to our Monthly Prayer Intentions webpage and donate your prayers to someone or something you are passionate about.  You can pray on your own schedule, your own time, and wherever you like.  Even just one Hail Mary a day or including someone in your daily prayers will help.

We believe that a donation of prayer is much more valuable and powerful than asking for money because it is more intimate and emotional to pray for someone or something than merely sending a PayPal amount.  By granting someone a prayer or dedicating your precious prayer time to their effort, communicates your personal involvement and investment for positive outcomes.  The end result of prayer investments is obtaining Divine Assistance that achieves a wider variety of affirmative results that money alone cannot accomplish.

CLICK HERE to view our list of Monthly Prayer Intentions Prayer Projects.