Win XP and FAT32

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How to create FAT32 in Windows XP?

17 VII 2006

  • I've created NTFS partition and installed windows XP on it.
  • I've modified partition table, I've created FAT32 LBA (type 0xC) primary partition using Linux fdisk right after XP's NTFS partition.
  • I've wanted to format this partition under XP, and here started my problems...

For unknown reasons (for me) XP didn't allow me to format it as FAT32, it simply just haven't displayed the FAT32 option under File System dropdown list.

I've booted to linux again hoping that maybe changing partition type from 0xC to 0xB (FAT32) will help. As you may have already guessed, it didn't. When I've right-clicked that partition under XP it showed NTFS as a filesystem. I have no idea why.

This thing started to iritate me, so I've booted to Linux again, changed FS type to FAT32 LBA, rebooted, cleared first sector of disk at it was written in fdisk's manual:

dd if=/dev/zero of=dev/hda2 bs=512 count=1

and I've run mkdosfs:

mkdosfs -n testing -F 32 /dev/hda2

and yup it helped but still XP doesn't see FAT32 in Format dialog box, although it show it on another fat32 partition...

Strange is Windows, Mind what you have learned, save it you can.

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