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23 XII 2006 17:52 

There is one thing I'm definitely missing on google groups-beta.

When I'm entering main page I would like to see changes (information about new messages) in real time. Yup I want AJAX on groups-beta main page.

19 V 2006 23:35

Windows (Anti)Cracking Techniques - my article, written last summer, translated to english yesterday and nicely [I hope so] formatted as a web-page. It describes old and new anti-debugging techniques concentrating on crackers favourite tool - SoftIce.

22 III 2006

Here is a unofficial patch for neon 0.26.0 to support caldav. It is just a modification of a differences I've found between Neon-Caldav from caldavxp and official neon sources. I have no idea if I've made it right :)

16 III 2006

I've added screenshots section. I've made some shell scripts for adding and changing pages on googlepages, but just for my own use. [Yeah, I know I could upload files, already in html, bu that wouldn't be interesting, fun, 1337 and hax0rish ;)]. And yes, I know that screenshots looks shitty right now, but I don't wanna change the site's style, cause I like it :) so I'll probably fix it later ;-)

2 III 2006

I've just found out, that Google has already indexed this page. It took about three days, cause I haven't tested earlier, but "Cached informations shows

This is G o o g l e's cache of as retrieved on 28 Feb 2006 11:56:46 GMT.


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