GEARS History: From the Beginning

Our First Year:  2011-2012
Our inaugural year started off with a humble beginning when we attended our first ever competition at Kell, but we still won the PTC design award for our robot so we knew we were on to something.  Plus, we had our fearless team captain (Alston R.) who guided us.   

Scissor Lift #1:  This allowed us to with the Sparbots qualifier with Lagrange High School.  

Scissor lift #2:  We headed into state with our 12 ft scissor lift that worked very well.  Unfortunately, we ran into Samantha module issues that kept us from finishing higher at the state competition this year, but we had a great time.  
The scissor lift truly was awesome!

Year 2:  2012 / 2013
With only one returning robotics member, we had to use a total team effort to persevere this year and we managed to build a great robot.  

This year we were part of the GA FTC State Champion winning alliance and beat eventual word alliance champion team member Monkey Madness to win it all at state.  A great end to the year!  However, we are still looking for that World Championship bid.  

Year 3:  2013/ 2014
This year started off with 30 new robotics students and a brand new mentor (Mr. Gibson) to help with managing not "1", but 3 teams this year.  These students built the most complex and amazing robots yet.  
7431 and 7432 both hanging on the bar at state competition

 5170 making their move at the GSMST qualifier.  All three teams qualified for the state tournament this year, but did not qualify for Super-Regionals.  This is not because of the effort or their robots though.  They did an awesome job this year, just had some bad luck in the end.  Great Job!

Awards 2011/2012

PTC Design Award:  Kell Qualifier
Winning Alliance:  Sparbots Qualifier
PTC Design Award:  Sparbots Qualifier
Innovate Award:  GA FTC State Championship

Awards 2012-2013

Finalist Alliance:  Sparbots Qualifier
Inspire Award Winner:  Sparbots Qualifier
Winning Alliance:  GA FTC State Championship

Awards 2013/2014

Team 5170:  State qualifier
Connect Award:  GSMST qualifier
Team 7432:  State qualifer
Winning Alliance:  GSMST qualifier
Motivate Award:  GSMST qualifier
Connect Award:  GA FTC State Championship
Team 7431:  State qualifier
Finalist Alliance:  Sparbots qualifier
Innovate Award:  Sparbots qualifier