Young People & Students

Young people
Life is complicated for 21st century teenagers. There is more pressure to achieve than ever. Family break up is very high and social media means there is no escape from potential problems 24 hours per day.  Young people struggle to find their identity and there are many temptations and risks for them to face. This has led to a large increase in mental health issues in teenagers .

I have been working with young people for the past 13 years. I have worked in secondary schools throughout this time and have helped and supported students from aged 11 to 18. The problems I help them with range from friendship issues to self-harm.

Come and see me in my private practice, I am friendly and informal and I will do my best  to help you identify and work through your issues.

University students
University life can be great fun but it is also a time of pressure and a transitional time into adulthood and independence.  I have worked with British and overseas students for more than ten years. Stress and procrastination are among the many issues I can help you with both practically and emotionally.