Resources for Parents

Now is the time to talk with your kids about making safe and healthy choices!

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has been a go-to source of information for decades and their website is full of resources for adults and teens. Great places for parents to start:

How to Connect with Your Teen - This page includes an array of articles about building and maintaining relationships with teens. A few are specifically focused on talking with teens about drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, but mostly the focus here is on helping parents shift how they communicate with their children as they get older. 

How to Prevent Drug Use at Any Age - This page connects you to specific advice and tips for talking about substance use with loved ones from ages 2-25. It includes advice for parents who suspect or know their children are using as well as prevention-oriented advice.

The Parent Toolkit  - is the portal to a wide range of resources from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.