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I welcome you on this site! On these few pages, you will see some of my own gadgets made for fun, to improve Google Page Creator (GPC) or simply to use. On my other sites, you will find some projects that I try to developp. For example, one of these projects (done!) was to create a Java applet which could display (with the most of interactivity for the visitor) any mathematical function (if you want to try it, look at this page and if you want to use it, look the pictures on this!).


In order to help you in the use of Google Page Creator, I wrote some tutorials. They seem to be for pretty quite advanced users (How to add a database for example) but should be easily read. I try to be the most clear as I can but my english level can confuse you sometimes.

Here is a list of the different tutorials that you will find on the corresponding section of this site :

At home - Lyon, FRANCE :