On this page we will describe what is the gadget GPRate, how it works (thank to Kerry) and what you need to use this gadget. Finally, you will see with some slides how to install it on your web site.

1- GPRate... What is it ?

GPRate is a gadget for Google Page Creator at the origin but can be used for any web site. For being the most clear as possible, if you have never seen a page rate on a site, you can look on the top of this page. On the right side of the title, you can read the average of the visitors' rates for this page. Below the title, you can rate this page. If you want to test this gadget whitout rating, just use this one here :

Place your cursor on this gadget and you will see different legends. When you agree with the note, click and your rate will be saved. Here you can just choose a letter or...

You will need to know how to add a gadget in Google Page Creator, if it is not the case yet, read this page : "How to add a Gadget into GPC ?".

2- GPRate... How does it work ?

GPRate is a gadget for Google Page Creator and requires a database for keeping in memory the rates of the visitors. If you don't have a database yet, don't worry I have written a tutorial on obtain a database ! Just read this page : "How to add a database to GPC ?".

This gadget works on a simply system. The display is all in javascript, the request is send to a file written in php which will write this rate in your database. The same file is called to rate a page or to read the rates. The same gadget is also used to rate a page and to display the rates.

3- Installation

Resources :