On this page, you will learn how to add all kind of gadgets into your Google Page Creator (GPC) site.

Enable Experimental Features

The first thing you have to do is to enable the experimental features. On the home page of GPC, click on the link Site settings.

You should arrive on the page of settings of your GPC site where you can modify the name of your site and enable Experimental Features. Click on the button Enable experimental features as shown below :

You will have to validate this choice on another page. Click yes for finish this step.

After having validate, you should be back on your site settings page. A new label should have been appears, showing that the experimental features are enabled.

Note that you can disable this service at any moment.

Addition of a new gadget

In this section, we will show how to add a gadget into your GPC page. The previous step must have been correctly done and the Experimental features enabled for adding new gadgets.

First of all, go into a edition page for your site. Note that if the Experimental features are enabled, you should see a new link on the bottom of your screen, add gadget.

Click on this link. A new frame appears in which you can choose a lot of different gadgets. To add one of these gadgets, you just have to click on it and choose OK.

Thereafter, we will describe how to add a gadget which is note in the Directory of Google. So, in this frame click on the link add by URL as show above. A new field appears where you can specify your own URL. The URL required is the URL of a gadget Google and must be a XML file, the format of these gadgets.

In this field, type this URL, by example :


Click on the Add (Ajouter is in french sorry) button. If the URL of your gadget is correct you should arrive on this kind of frame :

This is where you can specify each parameter of the gadget you want to add into your webpage. On the left side of the window, you can enter the different properties of this gadget, and the right side you should see the change on a preview of this gadget.

Note that each gadget is different from the others and the content of this frame could change from one gadget to another. On this example, the gadget which you can add, is able to add a video from Google Video, so in the field URL, write just the link of a video on Google Video to add it to your web site. An example is shown on the page of this gadget here.

Here you see the result of having introduce this gadget in a GPC page :